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If you want your Child to ...
If you want your Child to grow the relationship they have with God consider Kanakuk. either at Fulll camp in Branson or any of the many Sattelite mini camps at Local Churches called " KampOut! Day Camp " Here is the way I feel after droping my girly off to Camp yesterday. A little slice of heaven on earth! . Grateful for the Godly wisdom and discipleship that is poured into them. Blessed to be a new member of the K-7 family! It is as close to Heaven on Earth as you can experience, about 20 minutes before we arrived at Kanakuk K-7 we were surrounded by a amazing calm feeling and all worries vanished instantly, you could feel the love and the presence of God all around us and it was so special and loving. Then you pull to the front gate and are greeted by highly energetic loving counselors who greet you and unload your camp stuff and pump you up for the never ending fun, love, praise & worship to come. My girly got the experience instantly by taking part in the huge Slip & Slide down the hill to camp & then joined us on the cart for the ride down the hill. Once in line to register Counselor Kallie gave her a big hug and welcomed us to camp asking our names, location and spreading the love and joy of this place. I can't say it enough this is truly a Heavenly place and the Holy Spirit engulfs you and fills the air. God is amazing and this is one of his "Special Places" on Earth.
Brian Boggan
I liked kaknakuk because I got ...
I liked kaknakuk because I got to make new friends,get closer to God,and the experience is never forgotten. I miss kaknakuk.I went there for 14 years and my son will be going next year.
Alison alford
I like Kanakuk because of the ...
I like Kanakuk because of the long tradition it has been in our family. I was a wee Freshman at Baylor University in 1986 when Kanakuk came calling. I had never heard of this camp but I felt it had my name written all over it. I applied to be a counselor at K-1 (back then there were only 2 camps) and did my first summer the summer of 1987 with the legendary Kay Holliday. My second summer, 1988, I was a counselor to two little squirrels named Jennifer Pellow Ford and Jamie Joe White. What an amazing experience being their Kiowa Squaw. I vividly remember thinking "I can not wait for MY kids to experience this one day". Jump ahead 20 years and ALL 3 of my kids have been campers at Kanakuk. When my oldest, Taylor, became a counselor the summer of 2015 it was so surreal seeing me in her 28 years later. Forget Disney....THIS is the greatest place on earth.
Robin Terzian McCullough
I like kanakuk bc you get ...
I like kanakuk bc you get to make new friends and get to do so many fun activities and build a stronger relationship with God
Gavin browning
I like Kanakuk because it is ...
I like Kanakuk because it is used so marvelously to praise God and lead kids to His love. It provides new perspectives, unplugs the kids from technology to leave for a blank slate where comparison isn't so addicting, and we can focus on the world around us. The community is so beautiful, and I cherish all nine years I've gone so far. As a sophomore I look forward to enjoying three more. Thank you, K7 and K2, Kanakuk, for encouraging me and lifting me up to love the Lord with all my heart, mind, and soul.
Amy Joy
7 yrs ago kanakuk changed my ...
7 yrs ago kanakuk changed my life i love it so much it is so much fun and i can't imagine a summer without it!!!
it is so much fun and ...
it is so much fun and it sis a life changing story and it helps you to become closer to Christ even if you already know Him! All of the activities are a blast, and the counselors are like sisters and brothers to you! They treat you with such respect! It also makes you feel like your so at home! I love Kanakuk!
I like kanakuk because it is ...
I like kanakuk because it is my get away from the world. My counselors are always fun and encouraging me to pursue the lord. It is one of the biggest highlights of my year by far.
I like Kanakuk because I feel ...
I like Kanakuk because I feel so supported and able to talk about anything I need to talk about with all kampers and members of the Kanakuk staff, especially my councilors. Also, there are so many other kampers that I talk to on a daily basis, and these relationships are most definitely the strongest I have. I honestly couldn't live without Kanakuk because of the amazing things it has taught me throughout my time here, and it encourages me to bring God's light back into my community.
Kendall Bryant
I like kanakuk because it is ...
I like kanakuk because it is such a great place to get away from things that aren't the best for us like social media, cliques, and worrying about what people think of you or how you look. Kanakuk is a great way to connect with Christ and keep him with you even when you're out of camp.


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