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Online and offline, parents, Kampers, staff and Kanakuk alumni love to share their Kanakuk story with you! You can add your story using the form above or read the comments and testimonials below. With summer just around the corner your new Kanakuk experience is about to unfold! Thanks for sharing the summer with us.
I like Kanakuk because it has ...
I like Kanakuk because it has become a place where i have made friendships that i truly treasure. My relationship with Jesus has grown leaps and bounds since my 1st summer at Kamp 5 years ago. The two 2 weeks I spend at Kamp are the best 2 weeks of my whole year.
I like Kanakuk because it is ...
I like Kanakuk because it is a place where you can be yourself. There is no judgement and everyone is always so encouraging and supportive. Your cabin becomes your family, and friendships never fade. Relationships with God skyrocket because of the amazing talks and time spent building that relationship. Not to mention that my whole year revolves around Kamp!!! It is hands down the highlight of my year. I have some of my favorite memories here, best friends, and so much more. Kanakuk is truly a life changer. (also the gucci bars and mashed potatoes are killer!)
I like kanakuk because you make ...
I like kanakuk because you make friendships that are based on the lord. They become stronger then the ones at home
Kami B
I LOVE KANAKUK!!! It is such ...
I LOVE KANAKUK!!! It is such a loving, christ-filled, and fun environment! I always want to go back every year!
Maggie Mar
I am a parent that has ...
I am a parent that has sent my 7 kids there for 3 years. They enjoy it so much they count down the days till they go back, all 365 days! Kanakuk is there home and I know they are safe there. They grow in faith and think that Jesus is so cool after kamp. Speaking from parent to parent, I know safety is an important part and I was concerned to but the protection of my kids and the other kids are so great, I don't even worry any more. I love Kanakuk Kamps! ( I love K-7 the most )
Colleen Griffen
It is so much fun! I ...
It is so much fun! I love my counsoulors they are like my sisters! I was afraid of coming to Kanakuk because I get home sick a lot but they helped me through it! I got to practice cheering why I was here and rode really fun water slides! I love Kanakuk Kamps!
I like Kanakuk because it is ...
I like Kanakuk because it is such an amazing place to grow in your faith with people your age that deal with the same struggles back at home. Everyone is so nice and it is such a fun place to just go crazy for Jesus. There is a joy at kamp that never seems to stop.
Corey Schulz
It brings me Closer to the ...
It brings me Closer to the Lord AND provides deep friendships with other kampers and counselors.... IT'S SO MUCH FUN!!!!
Carissa Kresin
I like Kanakuk because it is ...
I like Kanakuk because it is where I found out who I am. Kanakuk is where I found my faith and who I am as an individual. I have spent the past 9 summers as a Kamper and this coming summer I get to serve as a princess to the little kids at K1. Looking back at it I don't think I would have ever said that I want to be princess my first couple of years as a kamper, but I want to inspire and encourage kids in their walks with the Lord and find their own faith.
My 5 summers spent at my ...
My 5 summers spent at my 'summer escape to the woods' were some of THE most foundational in my life. I started working at Kamp just 4 years after coming to Christ in college having never been discipled. I worked in the K-2 Kitchen all 5 years. Who ever knew serving 400 people 3x a day working 14 hour days in a kitchen with no air conditioning could ever be one of the banner moments in my life!?! I am still in touch with many folks I met through my time. I was baptized at Kamp my first summer....what a treasured moment that was! Years later in 1999 I took my mom and brother to visit with me for Alumni Weekend and Mom and Joe White surprised me....Sunday morning Joe was doing baptisms and they had arranged to surprise me through Mom being baptized the same lake on the same weekend by the same person years later! BUT GOD! We still have the picture and our hearts are enlarged at the memory. I could go on and on. I've not been back for a while (unfortunately) and have no kids to send there, but I can tell you this Alum is still running strong and is so very thankful for the role Kanakuk has played and continues to play in my life. It is a title I wear with pride: Kanakuk Staff Alum. K-2 Baby!
Sue Bowles


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