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Learn or share what it means to be a part of the Kanakuk Family!

Online and offline, parents, Kampers, staff and Kanakuk alumni love to share their Kanakuk story with you! You can add your story using the form above or read the comments and testimonials below. With summer just around the corner your new Kanakuk experience is about to unfold! Thanks for sharing the summer with us.
I like Kanakuk because every year ...
I like Kanakuk because every year kamp brings me closer to God and furthers my relationship with him. I have also met my best friends at kamp. Kamp is just a wonderful place to be.
I like kankuk because the people ...
I like kankuk because the people and friends you get to meet and to learn about god. Its a once and a life time deal, i mean its just amazing
kate dautel
I like kanakuk because it is ...
I like kanakuk because it is home, everyone there is shining the light of Jesus Christ, loves him, and has the best hearts!
Molly Cat Tannehill
I get to make new incredible ...
I get to make new incredible friends, have fun, and learn about god all at the same time!!
I like kanakuk because... I've made ...
I like kanakuk because... I've made friendships that have lasted long and brought me closer to God.
Honestly, Kanakuk changed my life. When ...
Honestly, Kanakuk changed my life. When I think about the happiest days of my life, most of them are filled with memories from camp. One of the best parts about Kanakuk is their counselors. Thought my summers at camp, my counselors taught me what it meant to have an intentional relationship with God and how to pursue him in my everyday life. I learned not only how to have an individual relationship with Christ, but how to share His love with others. I cannot thank Kanakuk enough for what they have done in my life. It truly is the happiest place on earth!
Emma Parkhurst
It showed me truly what community ...
It showed me truly what community and love of god is truly about while having a blast at the same time! This was my very first summer and it will not be my last! Kanakuk has truly changed my life for the better! Not only was the camp amazing but so were the people there who supported me and have my back to this day! I couldn't have ever imagined the impact Kanakuk has made on my life and I am excited to go back next summer and do even more!
Alan Melancon
I get to get closer to ...
I get to get closer to god and have an amazing week, meeting new friends and having fun!
I like Kanakuk because it changes ...
I like Kanakuk because it changes my life every year i go! I went since I was 7 through the family Kamp at Branson. The kounselors are the best! They are super entergetic, fun, encouraging, strong in their faith, and more!! After my 6th year at K-Kauai, my family decided to skip the year off cause of something else we wanted to do. I was so sad that the Lord directed me towards K-Seven! It was my first time and was very homesick, but the Lord really changed my life and I accepted Christ the second time. Ever since then, I have grown stronger in my faith and been really reading my bible and the devos that Kanakuk gives me and praying more often than I would have imagined. I am glad to be part of the Kanakuk family! Recommend Kanakuk 1,000/10! I have been going to K-Seven for three years now and K-Kauai seven years now! And hope you get the chance to go too!!
Kora George
If you want your Child to ...
If you want your Child to grow the relationship they have with God consider Kanakuk. either at Fulll camp in Branson or any of the many Sattelite mini camps at Local Churches called " KampOut! Day Camp " Here is the way I feel after droping my girly off to Camp yesterday. A little slice of heaven on earth! . Grateful for the Godly wisdom and discipleship that is poured into them. Blessed to be a new member of the K-7 family! It is as close to Heaven on Earth as you can experience, about 20 minutes before we arrived at Kanakuk K-7 we were surrounded by a amazing calm feeling and all worries vanished instantly, you could feel the love and the presence of God all around us and it was so special and loving. Then you pull to the front gate and are greeted by highly energetic loving counselors who greet you and unload your camp stuff and pump you up for the never ending fun, love, praise & worship to come. My girly got the experience instantly by taking part in the huge Slip & Slide down the hill to camp & then joined us on the cart for the ride down the hill. Once in line to register Counselor Kallie gave her a big hug and welcomed us to camp asking our names, location and spreading the love and joy of this place. I can't say it enough this is truly a Heavenly place and the Holy Spirit engulfs you and fills the air. God is amazing and this is one of his "Special Places" on Earth.
Brian Boggan


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