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Online and offline, parents, Kampers, staff and Kanakuk alumni love to share their Kanakuk story with you! You can add your story using the form above or read the comments and testimonials below. With summer just around the corner your new Kanakuk experience is about to unfold! Thanks for sharing the summer with us.
My 5 summers spent at my ...
My 5 summers spent at my 'summer escape to the woods' were some of THE most foundational in my life. I started working at Kamp just 4 years after coming to Christ in college having never been discipled. I worked in the K-2 Kitchen all 5 years. Who ever knew serving 400 people 3x a day working 14 hour days in a kitchen with no air conditioning could ever be one of the banner moments in my life!?! I am still in touch with many folks I met through my time. I was baptized at Kamp my first summer....what a treasured moment that was! Years later in 1999 I took my mom and brother to visit with me for Alumni Weekend and Mom and Joe White surprised me....Sunday morning Joe was doing baptisms and they had arranged to surprise me through Mom being baptized the same lake on the same weekend by the same person years later! BUT GOD! We still have the picture and our hearts are enlarged at the memory. I could go on and on. I've not been back for a while (unfortunately) and have no kids to send there, but I can tell you this Alum is still running strong and is so very thankful for the role Kanakuk has played and continues to play in my life. It is a title I wear with pride: Kanakuk Staff Alum. K-2 Baby!
Sue Bowles
I like Kanakuk because it is ...
I like Kanakuk because it is a home. Kanakuk is a place where I have met some of my best friends and have made relationships that will last a lifetime. Five years ago I met my best friend at kamp and our relationship is unlike any other relationship I have ever made. I love being surrounded by so many people that love the Lord just as much as I do and that can share their stories and help me in my walk of faith while I can do the same for them. Kanakuk is a place where I am allowed to be me and talk to people about what I am going through, knowing that they have gone through some of the same things I am. One thing that I like most about Kanakuk is being away from everything that is going on in the outside world and just being able to focus on my relationship with Christ. Not having to worry about being accepted or the latest trends is one of the greatest feelings and Kanakuk gives you that feeling of acceptance. Kanakuk has changed my life greatly and I encourage you to spend your summer at Kanakuk Kamps. It is truly the best place on earth.
Rachel Kennedy
I can do anything there
I can do anything there
I like kanakuk because it is ...
I like kanakuk because it is where I've met the most amazing friends, learned more about myself, and more about Christ. Kamp is the place that I feel the strongest and I love everything about it. God has blessed that place wildly, and I'm so thankful to have been a part of such an amazing thing. I also met my favorite mentor there, who I still talk to almost every day. God is so good. Praise him for TeePee land.
Lexi Jo Alm
I like Kanakuk because it is ...
I like Kanakuk because it is a place where lifelong friends are made and the focus of every friendship is the Lord! It is a blessing to come to such an uplifting place where there are no worldly distractions and just continually having people pour into you throughout the term!
Alexis Morrison
Kamp is a place were JOY ...
Kamp is a place were JOY and LOVE is contagious! Through the awesome hearts of the counselors and staff, kamp equips our kids with the tools to survive in this Crazy World! So blessed our family was introduced to kanakuk in 1982.
Kanakuk was an amazing experience and ...
Kanakuk was an amazing experience and self esteem builder during a very difficult time in my life. Now I get the opportunity to send my kids to the same camp I attended so many years ago.
Kanakuk is where my faith became ...
Kanakuk is where my faith became my own 26 years ago as a kamper and I later worked as a counselor. Two of my very favorite days each year are the day I drive my boys to kamp and the day we pick them up and see how much they have grown. I love the positive environment where kids feel safe to be themselves and try new things. I love how fired up they are about following Jesus when they leave. The staff and counselors are amazing!
Amy Becker
I love kamp because... it's awesome! ...
I love kamp because... it's awesome! I love all the activities we do at camp and how connected I feel to Jesus when I'm there. All the friends I've made at kamp are awesome!
My children are SMOTHERED in Jesus' ...
My children are SMOTHERED in Jesus' AWESOME LOVE!!! The counselors are incredible examples and mentors for them and I pray they will follow there incredible example of leadership, servanthood, integrity and character all the days of their life! We love Kanakuk!!!
Sarah Benson


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