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Online and offline, parents, Kampers, staff and Kanakuk alumni love to share their Kanakuk story with you! You can add your story using the form above or read the comments and testimonials below. With summer just around the corner your new Kanakuk experience is about to unfold! Thanks for sharing the summer with us.
I like kanakuk because it has ...
I like kanakuk because it has shown my that there is a way to be a chrisan as i grow older. I just love the way the staff are so encoring and just build me up not only at kamp but though out the year with I'm 3rd groups. Thank you so much Kanakuk k-west and K-1 I can't wait to see you next year!
Libbie Young
I like Kanakuk because it has ...
I like Kanakuk because it has shaped all that I am. When you're surrounded by hundreds of kids your age and you get to worship your BIG BIG God with them, it gives you a sense of how big the Father's love for us is. All these people hitting their knees in worship with you! Your counselors are the best role models and are the sweetest big sisters/brothers while you're there. Also, it's the most fun you'll ever have. There's never a dull moment and finding someone without a giant smile is hard to do!
it is so so fun and ...
it is so so fun and you get to learn more about christ every single day!
I like Kanakuk because it brought ...
I like Kanakuk because it brought me to my faith. I grew up in the church, accepted Jesus into my heart, and got baptized. Kanakuk was what really started a fire in my heart. After my first year of kamp, I decided I wanted to actively live for Jesus. I wanted to share his love. Before, I was just going through the motions of faith. After kamp, my life was forever changed. I also have met some of my best friends through kamp and met sooo many amazing mentors. Kamp is one of the best parts of my year!!!
Abby Shaw
I am an 7 year camper ...
I am an 7 year camper so far. I am a freshman in high school and Kanakuk has been the best week of my life since I was 8. During my 6th year at kamp I won the All-Around kamper award. That oar is above my headboard and is my prized possession. Thank you to all the Kanakuk staff and especially the kitchees. You all have impacted my life for the better. I also one day hope to become a counselor and change others lives has you all have mine.
Logan Dean
I like Kanakuk because it has ...
I like Kanakuk because it has given so many new best friends that I truly connect with and that push me closer to God! I met two of my best friends my first year at kamp, and the next year, their friends from school came and we all became so close. Me and my friends from home now meet up with them on the regular. I was able to go visit them and go to their school dance; and in a few days, my friend that I met through kamp is coming to visit us and go to our school dance! I love the way that Kanakuk pushes everyone to be the best version of themselves. When I first went to kamp, I had no idea the impact it would make on my life and I'm truly grateful. Kanakuk is one of the main reasons my relationship with the Lord is so strong, and I just love this place so much!!!
Kate Burns
I like Kanakuk because I met ...
I like Kanakuk because I met my spouse at K2! Our son, Charles, was an 11 yr kamper and will be at CIT this summer at k1. Our daughter, Hope, has been to Kanakuk for 8 summers! We love the confidence that Kamp gives our children. We love how their counselors and staff pour into our kids and build up their faith. Our kids have made lifelong friendships and look forward every summer to seeing their friends. Patty has worked at Kanakuk for 11 summers, as a nurse. She too, has made lifelong friends. Special shoutout to her nurse best friend Midge Vaughn. They have worked the past 9 summers together at Kkountry!
Chuck & Patty Phillips
My son is a teenager! No ...
My son is a teenager! No more backstory needed! This summer he went to K West and got it really changed his heart and his life. Not a little transformation but a life changing transformation! Such a blessing! It was his third time to camp and next year He’ll be going again because they impact that Kanakuk makes on him is amazing!
I like kanakuk because it is ...
I like kanakuk because it is a place where I can totally be myself and go crazy but at the same time I learn so much about the Lord and I get to go so much deeper into my realationship with Him. I make incredible friendships and memories that make me eager and excited every year to come back to kamp.
Ella Giese
there are lots of fun parties ...
there are lots of fun parties and everyone gets closer to God
Emma Liverman


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