Scuba Kamp Snapshot | Kanakuk Kamps
Scuba Kamp Snapshot

For the fifth year Scuba Kamp is heading to the ocean! The entire Kamp experience will take place at the beach! That's right, we are taking all Scuba Kampers to the beach for two weeks! Here are some of the details:

  • As always, Biblical discipleship will be at the forefront of the Scuba Kamp experience! 
  • Scuba Kampers will be given the option to ride with Kamp staff to Florida or fly directly into the Pensacola International Airport (PNS) where Kamp staff will pick them up.
  • Kampers will be housed in a beachfront condiminium in Panama City Beach, FL.
  • Kampers will learn to scuba dive in both pools and clearwater areas.
  • Advanced divers will review in a pool setting and also dive in clear water areas. 
  • The second week of Kamp will be held in Elberta, AL close to Perdido Bay.
  • Closing ceremonies will be held on Thursday evening, July 25th in Elberta, AL. 
  • Kampers will either fly out of PNS or ride back to Branson to meet parents in Branson on Friday, July 26th. 

On our adventure, we plan to :

  • Stay at oceanfront properties
  • Dive almost daily on the oceanfront
  • Dive at least one day out on the ocean from a dive boat 
  • Dive in a clear spring (with 100 foot visibility)
  • Visit the Pensacola Naval Air Musuem
  • Visit piers, arcades, and other fun tourist attractions
  • Eat seafood
  • And more!

We hope that you can join us this year for the most exciting Kanakuk Scuba Kamp in the history of Kanakuk! Space is limited, so sign up soon!