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There are many different parts of Kamp to fall in love with: the delicious coffee cake on Sunday morning, the crazy themed parties and all of the lifelong friendships that are made every year.

Has someone ever said hurtful things about you behind your back? Have you ever been left out of a group of friends... and felt like it was on purpose?

KAMP STARTS TOMORROW! We are so excited to kick off another incredible summer, and we have a feeling that this one will be the best one yet.

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If you’re a baseball fan, you might have heard this famous quote from legend Babe Ruth: “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”


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There’s not much we don’t love about a new year and a fresh start.

We are so thankful for a December filled with the joy and the peace that Jesus' birth, life, death and resurrection offers! Be inspired by God's Word all year long with these Scripture Graphics.

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Feel free to download these Scripture graphics and share with friends! 

Happy February! Today we're reflecting on how God's Word encouraged us last month. Feel free to download these graphics & share them with your friends!

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