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Kanakuk Adventure Series: Survival Kamp

Kanakuk's Survival Kamp offers you the opportunity to test the limits of your endurance. Imagine high adventure, lifetime skills, and solid Biblical discipleship - along with more fun than you can imagine! This two week training course echos the U.S. Army Special Forces "SERE School” survival, Kanakuk style! Build character and learn spiritual lessons through using only what God has provided in the woods. Survival Kamp will push campers to the limits of their physical and mental endurance. We will teach them to go into the woods with nothing and survive.


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Frequently asked questions, or contact us.


How do we send medications for our Kampers?

Place medications in a plastic bag along with instructions on an index card. All medications must be in the original container.

What do I need to pack for my child?

Each Kamp has a specific packing list you can use as a guide for your Kamper. You can view each Kamp's individual packing list here.




Opening/Closing Ceremonies

Can my Kamper drive themself to Kamp?

Yes. However, they must turn in their keys at the Kamp office upon arrival. Keys will not be returned until the last day of Kamp.

Can I bring mail/packages for each day at the beginning of the term?

Yes! Our office girls are glad to deliver your daily mail/packages to your Kamper. Label each item with the date that you want it delivered to your Kamper and bring all of it by the office on opening day. Please do not send gum, candy, or food. 

What time do the gates open for Opening Day?

Gates open at 2:00 PM on the first day of each term. 

What is the schedule for closing ceremonies?

2017 closing ceremonies schedules for all Kamps can be found here


When is my final payment due for overnight camp?

Final payments are due on March 1st. For enrollments after March 1st, full payment is due at the time of registration. You can check your balance, set-up monthly payments or make a payment by visiting Www.Mykanakuk.Com

What is the deadline to cancel and still have my deposit refunded?

Cancellations after March 1st will forfeit the $200 deposit. For details regarding tuition refund policies, please reference your signed Terms and Conditions under your Kampers registration details.

Do you have scholarships available?

Yes! Because of the generosity of donors, there are scholarships available. You can contact the Registration Office for an application to see if you qualify for any scholarships.

Can I make monthly payments?

YES! You can set-up monthly payments in or contact Crystal in our Accounting department at 417.266.3233.

Can I pay with a Credit Card?

Yes! We can accept checks, electronic checks, or you may pay using your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.

How do I make changes to my registration?

Email with your Kamper's name, Kamp and term they are registered for, and your requested change. 

While my child is at Kamp

What is ok to send to my Kamper in a care package?

Our Kampers love getting fun care packages from home! Things that are OK are items such as card games, coloring books, bracelets, stationary and envelopes. Things that are NOT ok are water ballons, candy, gum, food, drinks and anything perishable.  

After attending Survival Kamp, I feel much more equipped to go out into the world and accomplish things.
I feel I've gotten stronger personally because I have been challenged in ways that I haven't been before.
Survival Kamp has helped me realize that I can do things that I didn't know I could do. I'd have to say that is probably my favorite thing about Survival Camp.
Survival Kamp instilled a confidence in our son that we have never seen in him before. He also grew in his faith, which paired with his increase in confidence, was exactly what we were looking for from this experience.

2018 2-week

Kamp Dates Ages For Price
Term 1 June 2 to June 15 14-18 Boys and Girls $2,300
Term 2 June 16 to June 29 14-18 Boys and Girls $2,300
Term 3 June 30 to July 13 14-18 Boys and Girls $2,300
Term 4 July 14 to July 27 14-18 Boys and Girls $2,300
Term 5 July 28 to August 10 14-18 Boys and Girls $2,300
2-Week summer camp pricing for Survival Camp

Kamp Location

Kanakuk's Survival Kamp is located at: 1353 Lake Shore Drive Branson, MO 65616

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