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Kamp: K-Seven
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One of the best places to be at K-Seven when the sun is shining is down by the dock!

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Howdy y'all! 

Wednesdays at K-Seven are a little different from other days.

The saddest day at Kamp is the day each term comes to an end.

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Trunks are packed. Bunks are ready.  Counselors are hype. There's an excited whisper in the air: "Kids are coming." 

Do you know what that means? 

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The K-Seven Dock is a huge part of our Kampers' summers!

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Every summer at Kamp, one of the most exciting activities Kampers look forward to is our ropes courses! Our two high elements courses are called Treetops and Summit.

Although every day at Kamp looks similar, each one is filled with exciting activities and new things to try!

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Every week, K-Seven hosts three totally wild, totally amazing, totally INCREDIBLE parties! Every week, we start off with the Big Time Blockbuster party on Monday evening!


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