K-West Recipe Release

If your son or daughter has been to K-West this summer, there is a good chance that he or she has come home raving about Gucci Bars. This dessert is ... Read More

See You Next Summer!

Well, it has been a great summer at the Adventure Series! We will always remember the fun we had at King's River, sleeping under the bluffs at Hobbs, and all ... Read More

See you next summer!

This summer has been incredible! Getting #FullyCharged with all the amazing kampers and staff of K-1 has been such a blast but we can’t believe it has already come to ... Read More

See You Next Summer!

We can hardly believe that the summer is coming to a close! It has undoubtedly been incredible. We are encouraged by all of the memories that were made and the ... Read More

Amazing Night

For any caring parent that is still following this K-2 Blog, it’s 10:30 PM Thursday night. The bell is ringing over and over and over again. With every peal of ... Read More

Lunch Just Got Better

Day two of the survival solo is coming to a close. And today, kampers found a whole new meaning to preparing a meal. We taught kampers how to properly kill, ... Read More