K-West Recipe Release

If your son or daughter has been to K-West this summer, there is a good chance that he or she has come home raving about Gucci Bars. This dessert is ... Read More

K Marks the Spot

Yesterday evening’s party is a Kanakuk favorite for more reasons than one. Kampers decked out in pirate gear and had all afternoon to become the very best K-1 pirates they ... Read More

Summer 2015

We believe kids need summer camp now more than ever, and we’re getting more intentional about how we partner with your family in 2015! One way we are doing that ... Read More

The Wise Eskimo

He was the mayor of his small Eskimo village. He was known throughout his icy homeland for his wisdom. He also had the finest sled dogs in the land. Each ... Read More

Survival Skills

It's day three of Survival Kamp and we are so impressed with these kampers! They have been learning new skills like traps, fire craft, and ropes and lashing. We've been ... Read More

Sunday Blog

For 37 years Mary Anne has been cooking hot coffee cake for K2 kids on Sunday mornings. Kids talk about it all year! Mary Anne is typical of the "behind ... Read More