K-1 Special Trips 2016! | Kanakuk Kamps
K-1 Special Trips 2016!

At the end of each term at K-1, we send our oldest Kampers on super fun adventures. These trips are a way to thank our oldest Kampers for being leaders and having a ton of fun!


The oldest two-week Kampers at trip are called "Excellent Deal."  The trip began with a talk about how much fun they can have at K-west next year that included videos and a short talk from a former K-west staffer. Our trip fell on Cow Appreciation Day so we had all our Kampers make cow costumes and we went to Chick-fil-a! From there we went roller-skating, which was a grand time!


For the oldest monther’s, trip is called "Super Deal." On Super Deal, they start off the morning with donuts and head over to K-Kauai for a morning of water slides and lazy river floats. They then head out for an afternoon of learning how to cave. They come back, grab a quick dinner and head out for a night at the movies!


We love being able to give our Kampers a special trip that thanks them for coming back year after year. It’s always so special getting to get out of Kamp with them and enjoy a change of pace!


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