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K-Kountry: Great Questions for the Trip Home, 2016

Check out these questions that are unique to our 2016 summer! With these questions, we hope your trip home is fun and intentional as your Kampers tell you all about the greatest week ever!


Did you or any friends get to be an actor/actress in morning Devo?


This year in morning Devo, we are going through the whole bible and your Kampers are acting out the story! As the director narrates the story of Jonah, Moses and others, we call Kampers up to be the characters. We do this to help the message become memorable for the Kampers. Plus, it truly helps all the bible stories come to life!


What level did you reach at Party Rokka with Chewbakka?


At our Party Rokka with Chewbakka themed party, our Kampers are given the mission to defeat the evil DJ Darkside and rescue DJ Jedi! To do so, they must earn levels to increase their skill as Jedi. Ask your Kampers what level they reached, and what they did to get there! Maybe they searched in a sandy pit for Rey’s scavenging supplies or shot water balloons at the death star! To read more about the Party Rokka with Chewbakka themed party, click here.



Who was your favorite Gospel Skit character?


Our Gospel Skit is a way to help the message of the gospel really stick with our Kampers. Plus, we have some awesome characters that make it so much fun to watch! This year’s Gospel Skit is The Kountryside Zoo. To read more about it, click here.



What is your favorite activity to try during Free Time?


Free Time is a part of the day when Kampers get to choose what to do! Want an extra turn at the trapeze? What about the Putt Putt slides? This is the time to do it! To read more about our daily schedule, click here.



For Barn's 1-6: Did you catch a crawdad on Canoe Trip?

For Barn's 7-12: What was your "water devo" about on Ski Trip?


Canoe and Ski trip are one of the best parts of Kamp! Sometimes, its just fun to get out on the water! Some of the happiest memories are made on these trips, and they are a great talking point on the ride home. 




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