K-Kountry K-Life Night 3, 2016 | Kanakuk Kamps
K-Kountry K-Life Night 3, 2016

K-Life is super crazy hype at K-Kountry! Between the dancing, skits, games, worship, Gospel Skit and speaker at the end, it’s no surprise that most Kampers say K-Life is their favorite part of Kamp! We love having fun these nights, but they are also special because of the spiritual growth we get to see in Kampers. During the three K-Life’s in each term, Kampers learn about God, sin and redemption found in Jesus Christ! 


To read more about K-Life Night 1, click here! For Night 2, click here! Continue reading for more details about Night 3!


Night 3 starts, as always, with an epic dance party! As we say in Barn 13, if your shirt ain’t dry, you ain’t hype enough! Next, we always have fun skit characters and games. This night, we introduce the characters for our Party Rokka with Chewbakka  themed party. From Yoda to DJ Jedi, are characters are out of this world! To read more about Party Rokka with Chewbakka, click here


After games and skits, we always have worship to prepare our hearts for the Gospel Skit and our speaker. The Kampers watch night 3 of the Gospel Skit, The Kountryside Zoo, in this K-Life. The final scene completes the gospel presentation to our Kampers. To read more about the Gospel Skit this year, click here.



Our speaker for night 3, Joel Trainer, is our men's Assistant Director. Joel presents the entire story of the gospel this night, starting with Adam and Eve and the fall, and eventually to Jesus Christ! For some of our Kampers, this night is one they will remember the rest of their lives, becuase of the decision they make to surrender their lives to Jesus!