K-Kountry Ready, Set, Glow party, 2016 | Kanakuk Kamps
K-Kountry Ready, Set, Glow party, 2016

Get ready, get set...let's GLOW!!!


Our Ready, Set, Glow themed party is the brightest night at Kamp! Our Kampers pull out their glowsticks, neon clothes and facepaint and we have a giant party in Barn 13!



This party is combined with a K-Life, so the night is always super exciting. K-Life starts, of course, with balloons raining down from the ceiling. As they enter Barn 13, every Kamper is given a giant, multi-colored glowstick to wave as we listen to the hypest music. 




As K-Life continues, Kampers are all decked out and glowing while they watch hilarious skits and play exciting games. This is a favorite night for Kampers and staff! Click here to read more about K-Life 3!


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