K-Seven Ropes 2016 | Kanakuk Kamps
K-Seven Ropes 2016

There are many ropes activities at Kamp including the zipline, summit, treetops, and faithpoles.  Each of these activities is fun and challenging.  Our Kampers learn and grow a lot as they try these new adventures.


At K-Seven, we have the longest zipline in Lampe.  Each of our Kampers has the awesome opportunity to feel the wind in their hair as they fly down Heartbeak Hill!



Summit is our rock and repel wall.  Our Kampers climp up the rock wall and see the best view on Kanakuk hill before they repel down to the other side. 



Our high elements ropes course, also known as treetops, is a Kamp favorite.  There are a series of towers and obstacles throughout the course that keep things interesting.  Our Kampers finish the course with a ride on the screamer swing.



Lastly, the faithpole is a telephone pole that Kampers climb up.  They stand on top of the pole and jump off with the goal of catching the trapeze bar.  



Altogether we love our ropes activities and ropes staff.  It is so fun to watch our kids try new things and conquer fears.


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