We Arg Cruising! | Kanakuk Kamps
We Arg Cruising!

Ahoy and hello!


Tonight, K-Seven is living the pirate life because We Arg Cruisin! We've got some swash-bucking inspiration if you're on the hunt for a costume!


Dressed in patches, and parrots and hooks (oh my!) the Kampers start the party by congregating in the church. Here is where we hear the tale of our favorite programs characters being held hostage by some wanna-be-scary but mostly-just-funny pirates! The only way to free our friends is to build a pirate ship out of unusual materials!

Each teepee will get time to plan, create and build their own pirate ship out of duct tape, foam and a trash bag. No small feat, but nothing our pirate Kampers can't handle!


The races begin at the pool and each teepee cheers on their representative in the fiercest paddling competition this side of Table Rock Lake. Some boats sink immediately, some can swiftly make their way to port safely and some end up looking a lot like drift wood, but all are hilarious and so fun to cheer on! 

When the races are completed, the team is set free! How else would we celebrate but with a dance party!?


K-Seven has gotten this party down to a science -- foam as high as the unpatched eye can see! At this point, our foam blasters have been at work all day, filling our K-Dome with fun, danceable suds that make this party unique. Once the kids enter in and let loose, the foam makes its way down into a more stompable, splashable level. 

This party has guided choreography, awesome music video projections, fun lights and a few surprises! It's the perfect way for a pirate to cool down. The final song is played just after the crowd is pumped-up and reminded that we have all this fun because we have the joy that Jesus provides and that we are living for His glory!  

The Kampers leave it all on the dance floor...er... pirate ship, wash up and head to the sleeping chambers. It truly is a pirate’s life for us!