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The London Games

Faster. Higher. Stronger. The actual London Olympics begin today, but yesterday K-West has its own celebration with the London Games party. The party began right after lunch. Each cabin spent rest period designing a flag and a country for their cabin to represent. Some chose actual countries and others decided to make up a new country. The Kampers were so creative!

Usually this party has lots of stations on land and on water, but due to a rain delay, the party was moved indoors. The Komos did their own version of Trading Nations in the cabins. Cabins would switch with another cabin and they would decorate for one another. The men decided that some indoor Olympic events were just what they wanted as well. The Kampers rotated through stations such as weight lifting, jump rope, warball, basketball, ping pong and a few others. Kampers stayed dry, Lampe got a little rain and everyone had a great time! I'd say that makes for a successful afternoon.

Dinner was a delicious meal of fajitas and sopapillas. After dinner Kampers gathered at flag to hear some updates on the days events. The Olympic torch was passed to Stu Baron (a K-West skit character) and he headed out to transport the flame to the next Olympic site! The culmination of the evening was the an all-out dance party in the gym. K-West kampers love to dance!

This was a great way to celebrate our last full day of kamp and to cheer for the good ole' USA!