Parent's Day at K-West | Kanakuk Kamps
Parent's Day at K-West

It is super fun to spend a week or two weeks at Kanakuk K-West, but it is always good to see family on Parent's Day. Last night parents and kids were reunited and it was sweet. The K-West gates opened at 4:30 and after parking their cars, parents made their way to the cabin area to find their kiddos!

To begin the night, Kampers got to show their parents some of the drills that they have been working on throughout the term in their Specialty classes. Specialty shows are a great way to show off new and improved skills. After these specialty shows, the Kampers went back to their cabins to shower and parents got to hear from Joe White. During the parents seminar, it began to rain so everyone hastily made their way to the Boys' Gym. Rather than dinner on the upper fields, the picnic was moved to the K-Dome so that people were out of the rain. 

Perhaps the best part of the evening came next when K-West counselors were allowed to re-introduce the Kampers to their parents through Character Qualities. The counselors share stories about the term and tell about the qualities that they admired in each and every Kamper. What a great time of affirmation!

Finally everyone gathered in the church for some worship, a quick message from K-West Director Ward Wiebe and then a chance to see the Term 4 video.

Some Kampers do choose to go home, but for those who stayed it was a fun evening! We celebrated the final night in Kamp with a little After Hours Hoedown. This morning we finish up our Closing Ceremonies with awards in the church and tribal winners announced at the pool deck. 

Parents, thanks for being a part of the K-West family last night. We sure hope to see you back at Kanakuk next summer.