Term 5 K-Life Talks | Kanakuk Kamps
Term 5 K-Life Talks

K-West desires to be a place that is intentional in all that we do! Even the talks that the Kampers hear have been carefully thought through, planned and prepared. Would you like to know the talks that your Kamper was challenged with during this term? 

Philippians 3:14 is our key verse this summer and it is tied to the summer theme of Rise Up. This is the core of what all the talks are geared toward. Using the letters RU (from Rise Up), we have planned eight talks that will encourage and inspire K-West kampers to be leaders for Christ at home, at school and in their communities! Throughout the term, whether at K-Life or at Sunday church, Kampers are considering these questions in light of their walk with Christ.








RU...Ready to Rise?!

We want the Gospel to be at the center of all we do, and so every talk points to Christ, the cross and redemption. Our goal is for these eight talks to build upon one another so that we might help develop our kampers to be dynamic Christian leaders.

Last night was the second K-Life of this term. K-West Leadership guy (and future Denver K-Life staff guy) Derek Nassick spoke to the kids about being broken. It was a great message and it provides opportunity for the gospel to be presented. We would be honored if you would pray for K-West, the Kampers, the counselors, the devos that will happen during this term as we make our way through these K-Life talks.