Throw the Schedule out the Window! | Kanakuk Kamps
Throw the Schedule out the Window!

We were ready. Oh yes, we had a plan for Sunday afternoon activities. The girls were headed to the K-Dome for a dodge ball tournament and the men were planning for the Air It Out football competition. But just before we called the Kampers out of their rest period, the rain hit. And it hit hard! Rain and hail came pouring down on K-West. Time for Plan B. 

But what a great switch it was! Kampers love rainy day activities and everyone was thankful for a break from the heat. Our programs team got creative and the switch was made to have Komos compete in some funny indoor Olympic events and the Kuks would build forts in their cabins. 

The energy was high in the gym when I arrived to take pictures. Each cabin had picked team name and a theme to go with it. Naturally, they dressed up to match their theme. Each of the Olympic events required two participants from each of the cabins so every girl got to compete. They squared off in these events: Interpretative Dance, Equestrian, Paper Airplanes, Push Ups, an Eating Contest and Gymnastics. They were having a great time and would cheer like crazy each time their cabin was competing. Throw in some funky music and it was one giant neon dance party in the gym. 

The boys were challenged to build a fort in their cabin. The forts would be judged on the fort's DEFENSE, its STABILITY and CAMOUFLAGE. The men rose to the challenge. They moved bunks, trunks, mattresses, hung up sheets, and came up with some amazing themes for their forts. And to my surprise, a few of the cabins let me in to take pictures. We warned the cabins in advance that a girl would be coming. What creative boys! In one fort I was crawling under bunks in a tunnel-like maze until it opened up to the "main room of the fort." Another fort had theme music and guards when you entered.

The rain seemed to let up for a bit, but came back about 6:00 pm. We altered the evening schedule a little bit so that it would maximize the fun and safety for the Kampers. We did campfire meals in the dining hall turned. Brother and sister cabins got to sit together for dinner and that was very popular. After dinner, we turned on the Olymics in the gym so that kids could watch some of the the events. Of course no campfire would be complete without s'mores, so we did our s'mores in the dining hall. Lord thank you for the rain and for a creative day at K-West!