What a night! | Kanakuk Kamps
What a night!

Last night was fun! The K-West kampers were treated to a special night with the Bedrock Boulder Bash party AND star talk with Joe White. It is always great to see the prehistoric costumes that come out for this party! Lots of animal prints, caveman gear, clubs, bones and Flintstone apparel. 

For this party, the Kampers met at the flag before heading over to the Bedrock Quarry (the K-Seven waterfront) where they were served Brontosaurus Burgers. Dinner gave the Kampers plenty of time to hang out and talk. Then it was back to K-West for the Cave Rave. The programs team had hung speakers from the trees and transformed the K-West ropes course area into a giant dance floor. 

After the party the Kampers had an extra treat. Joe White came over to K-West and presented his Creation/ Star Talk out on the fields. The Kampers got to sit outside, gaze at the stars and be amazed at the God who created the universe. Joe's creation talk is like no other. After a full day of activities and an evening party, the kampers are surprised when they are escorted out to the football field. All the kampers take a seat on the grass and then Joe enters riding a motorcycle! With a sound system, a screen and the night sky above them, the Kampers get to hear Joe speak about the truth of creation. It is an honest look at the science of creationism vs. other theories of the origin of the cosmos.  

Kampers had to be tired after this full day. They retired to their cabins for evening devos and then a good nights sleep.