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New Christians: Bell Ringer

The vision of Kanakuk is to "evangelize and equip the next generation to reach the world for Christ!" This begins at Kanakuk Kamps during the summer. We make sure that every Kamper that walks through the gates will get to hear a clear presentation of the gospel. The gospel changes hearts and throughout the summer, as Kampers say yes to a relationship with Jesus, we get to hear the K-West bell ring loud and clear. When a Kamper rings the bell it means that he or she has accepted Jesus as their Savior. What joy it brings to hear that sound! And we never know what may spur a Kamper to make that decision. Just today a counselor told me that one of her Kampers finally understood the Gospel after the Western party and accepted Christ. 

When a Kamper makes a decision for Christ, Kamp has a discipleship plan in place to follow up with that child. Near the end of each term we gather a list of any Kampers who have accepted Christ and then we give them a copy of our Bell Ringer pamphlet. This pamphlet was designed to help new Christians remember the commitment they made and then to help them grow closer to the Lord after they go home. During the year our directors take time to follow up with the Kampers who became a Christian and to write a personal postcard to every Kamper.

Kanakuk offers year-long Bible study programs that Kampers can participate in. Champion's Walk and Victor's Crown workbooks provide an opportunity for kids to get into the Bible daily. Kampers do the lessons and then send in monthly progress reports to their Kamp Director. Directors then follow up with the Kampers to encourage them through letters and other recognition.  

A great way for Christians - whether a new believer or someone who has walked with the Lord for many years - to grow in their faith is through discipleship. K-Life is a ministry that is in a growing number of cities. It provides one-on-one discipleship for teenage kids. Many of the leadership people from all of the Kanakuk Kamps spend the year investing in the lives of kids through weekly group activities and mentoring relationships. To find out more about K-Life go to

When a kamper makes a decision for Christ, we rejoice! Furthermore, Kanakuk desires to build upon that foundation to help all Kampers grow in their faith.