Man Day/ Girl Day | Kanakuk Kamps
Man Day/ Girl Day

Ask a K-West Kamper what his or her favorite day at Kamp was and they might answer with Man Day or Girl Day! This is such a fun day because it is a break from normal schedule and the scheduled activities are perfectly tailored for the guys and the girls. 

The Kuk side of Kamp comes to breakfast with out their shirts and once there, they find out that they will be eating with their hands instead of utensils. Can I get a grunt? Following breakfast and Man Bee (not just any ordinary Bumblebee), the boys get to rotate around six stations. These games/ stations include Pirate's Land Game, Man of the Mat, Hillbilly Olympic Relay, Octoball, World's Strongest Man and Building Campfires. The men go without shirts almost all day...but please know that we encourage and remind Kampers to wear sunscreen.

After lunch and rest period, the boys head to the Gym for a little Insanity Workout. They rehydrate with some Graber-ade and then get to watch a movie in the gym. Their afternoon finished up with a rotation between the pool, the dock and the slip-n-slide. 

The ladies spend their day very differently from the men. They begin with a chance to sleep in and then the Disney princesses deliver breakfast to their cabins. That's right, the theme of Girl Day is Disney YWUYAAB Cruise. What does that mean? Well, it stand for "You wouldn't understand, you are a boy!" After a relaxing breakfast, the Komos get ready for the day, brush their teeth and then head to the dining hall for a cake decorating contest complete with Iron Chef type challenges. The last part of their morning is a special Girl Devo time with K-West staff gal, Alli Anderson. 

No cruise would be complete without an excursion so after lunch, the ladies form a conga line and make their way to the pool for an island excursion. They get a chance to relax, play and eat snow cones. For their afternoon, the cabins are split up and half do nail painting while the rest get to have some chocolate fondue. Then they switch. After all this fun, they still have time for a massive dance off in the Girls Gym.

But the best part of Girl Day is dinner. The Disney princesses and many other characters put together an incredible dinner theater performance for the Kampers.

At the end of such an awesome day, the Kampers get one more fun surprise! The evening activity is FREE WORLD! The K-West Kampers love this night when they get to choose whatever they want to do. We open up several areas around Kamp with counselor supervision and the Kampers have the freedom to move from place to place or just hang out with their friends. Both the Kuks and the Komos love this day. It is fun from start to finish!