K-West Health Staff, Week 10 | Kanakuk Kamps
K-West Health Staff, Week 10

It is the last week of Kamp, but we have two new ladies working in the K-West Health Center. This week we have Cara Brandenberg, Meredith Chiarelli. We also have Teri Shiley serving for a second week as a K-West nurse.

Cara Brandenberg is our nurse helper. She is from Ames, IA and this is her fifth year to work at Kamp. She loves Kanakuk and says that each summer she arrives empty in spirit, but leaves full! Whether it is interaction with the kids or the staff, Cara gets encouraged while she serves here. She also likes that Kamp provides a break from life. Cara is married to Greg and they have three kids. Kyla (15), Trev (13) and Jace (11) are all Kampers at  K-Seven this week. Cara works part-time as a Home Health Aide. I asked Cara for some fun facts and she told me that 1) she loves good manners, 2) she learned how to do a backflip off the diving board while she was a helper at K-Kountry and 3) she recently participated in a 5K mud run, which she really enjoyed!

Our new K-West nurse is Meredith Chiarelli. She gets the special treat of being a nurse here while daughter Elizabeth is a K-West Kamper. Elizabeth was here a week before her mom, so it was a fun reunion for mom and daughter when Meredith arrived. They live in Safety Harbor, FL where Meredith works as a Nurse Practitioner for a Gastroenterologist. (I definitely had to ask how to spell that word!) This is Meredith's fourth year to serve at Kamp. She has worked at K-Kountry and K-West. She first heard about Kanakuk from some of her nieces who came as Kampers. For Meredith, working as a nurse at Kamp provides a welcome break from the rush of life and she enjoys the fellowship with like-minded people. Plus, she loves that Elizabeth gets to be a Kamper. 

Cara, Teri and Meredith, thank you so much for being part of K-West this summer and for all the work you put in to make sure that Kampers are well cared for.