The London Games party | Kanakuk Kamps
The London Games party

The actual London Olympics have been going strong for almost two weeks now, but yesterday K-West has its own Olympic celebration with the London Games party. Morning flag started the day off right with some "Olympic" athletes exhibiting their skill on the rings, the diving boards, fencing and invisible ping pong. The morning was normal schedule for Kampers, then after lunch each cabin spent rest period designing a flag and a country for their cabin to represent. The country names they chose were representative of their cabin, the term or what is popular. For example we had 2D - 2nd Direction (like One Direction!) The Kampers were so creative!

At 3:30 all of the "nations" made their way to the tennis courts to take part in the Olympic procession. After a brief opening ceremony and some explanation of the games, the cabins split into teams of three people and headed out to earn points for their cabin. There were over twenty stations where they could compete. Stations on land, in the pool and even at the lake meant that this party was spread out all over K-West. It was fun for the Kampers as they got to go at their own pace. Some raced from station to station, hoping to earn lots of points and others strolled leisurely from on activity to another. 

After all those stations, the Kampers had time to shower before dinner. The Olympic athletes were fed a delicious meal of fajitas and sopapillas. After dinner Kampers gathered on the pool deck for the medal presentation and to watch the Closing Ceremonies. K-West recognized the Kuk and Komo cabins with the most points, but also honored Kampers who had set records in individual events. Finally, the Olympic torch was passed on to an athlete who would transport the flame to the site of the next Olympics! (We do lots of pretending here at K-West.) This was a great way to celebrate our last full day of kamp and to celebrate the Olympic spirit!

The evening still wasn't done though. The Kampers were invited to party at a London Discotech. The gym was rocking with fun music and strobe lights. Kampers love to dance! This was the perfect party to culminate the end of Term 5.