Good-bye! | Kanakuk Kamps

It is hard to believe that today is the last day for Kanakuk 2012. What a tremendous summer it has been. We have seen lives changed, plus kids and staff impacted by the Gospel. God has answered prayed - big and small as we have prayed for the hearts of Kampers and for safety and protection.  

As I browse back through pictures from this summer, it is fun to be reminded of all the wonderful parts of Kamp. It is never hard to find a smiling face to photograph. Kids have had a great time; on the ropes course, in the pool, in their cabins, at the dock they made memories that they will treasure for a long time. 

We are thankful for a tremendous staff. We have had nurses and doctors who served unselfishly and treated all sorts of Kamper ailments. There have been maintenance men who have kept the grounds clean, and attempted to keep the plants watered in this water. :) Office girls have answered phones, sorted mail and kept Kamp on schedule. Plus we can't forget to send a huge thank you to the kitchis and cooks who have kept us fed. Can you even imagine the amounts of food and the number of dishes that we go through at K-West?

Thank you to all the parents and kids who came through the gates of K-West. God is the focus of all that we do, but we couldn't have Kamp without you! Thanks for being a part of Kanakuk. Thanks for signing your child(ren) up for Kamp this summer. Thanks for praying for K-West from afar. 

As we say good-bye, I am reminded of a Billy Sprague song called Heaven is a Long Hello. The chorus says, "It's good to know we can go home forever, heaven is a long hello!" So good-bye for now, we may see you back at K-West in 2013! We hope so. But if not, for those who are in Christ, one day we all will have a "long hello!"