KUK DYNASTY | Kanakuk Kamps

If you know anything about Kanakuk K-West, you know we love to 2-step and do the boot scootin' boogie!  This year our traditional western party meets Duck Dynasty.  Kampers have the opportunity to get all gussied up after classes and put on their finest western and camo wear! 

The evening begins with a family style picnic and a menu even Mrs. Kay would approve of--chicken tenders, salad, our famous cheesy potatoes, hot rolls, and we finish it off with apple cobbler and ice cream!

After dinner it's time to head down to main street for country music and dancin'.  The kuks escort all the lovely komos down to the dance like good gentlemen.  You've never seen such fine looking young men and women on Kanakuk and Kanakomo Hill. 

We spend the rest of the night 2-steppin, eatin' watermelon, drinkin' rootbeer, and playin' games! We love the tradition of our western parties, we always have a rootin' tootin' good ole time! 

Need a few ideas for Kuk Dynasty outfits? Check out Kanakuk's party page for Kuk Dynasty here