Luminosity Atrocity | Kanakuk Kamps
Luminosity Atrocity

Luminosity Atrocity is the most hype, high energy, neon-tastic, glow stick raving dance party on Kanakuk and Kanakomo Hill! Kampers enter the party sporting their flashiest neon costumes with glow sticks in hand ready to dance!

All of the sudden the lights go out and the music stops--all the energy in kamp has been stolen by Dr. Severe! The party cannot continue until all the energy has been restored. 

Kampers go on a secret mission to find the energy around kamp but they have to be careful not to get caught by Dr. Severe's evil army.  

Once all the energy is found, the party is back on! We end the night under the stars with Dr. Joe White's creation talk.  #bestnightever