Jarty Party! | Kanakuk Kamps
Jarty Party!

If you know anything about Kanakuk K-West, you know that we love a good western-themed party. Our annual western party is a long standing tradition here at K-West. Every year we like to add a little twist to spice things up for our Kampers. This summer our western party meets Jarty! Oh –you’re not sure what “Jarty” is either? Well in the words of the cowboy legend J.J. Jeansworth, “It’s a Jean Party, folks!” At this Jamboree, Kampers from all over the world will gather together for a wild shootin’, rootin’ and hootin’ party! So strap on all the denim that you can get your hands on, and come ready to Jarty!

The evening begins with a family style picnic –chicken tenders, salad, our famous cheesy potatoes, and hot rolls! We finish dinner off with hot apple cobbler and ice cream—Whew Wee it’s tasty!

After dinner it’s time for country music and dancin’. The kuks escort all the lovely komos down to the dance like good gentlemen. You’ve never seen such fine looking young men and women on Kanakuk and Kanakomo Hill.

We spend the rest of the night 2-steppin’, eatin’ watermelon, drinkin’ rootbeer, and playin’ games! We love the tradition of our western parties. We always have a rootin’ tootin’ good ole time!

Need some Jarty Jamboree outfit ideas? Check our Kanakuk’s Pinterest page for Jarty Jamboree here.