World Kup! | Kanakuk Kamps
World Kup!

Goooooooooaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllll! WHAT'S UP, WORLD KUP!? This summer, the world wide sporting spectacle that is the World Kup is happening at K-West! Who doesn't love dressing up like a crazed soccer fanatic? So pick your country (or make one up!), paint your flags, sing your national anthem and take your team to the World Kup Finals! We're bringing the whole world to the world of Kanakuk - the people, the languages, and of course, the foods - so come ready to experience an international festival of fun, flair and (as the Brazilian's call it) FUTBOL at the World Kup!

This party is all about the soccer ball! We’re taking traditional games like “knock out” and “skeet ball” and replacing them with soccer balls! Each cabin pairs up with their brother or sister cabin to represent countries from all over the globe. Throughout the day, cabins compete in different games to see who will advance to the final World Kup game. 

So grab your favorite jersey and get ready for the match of your life! Check thisWorld Kup costume inspiration board for more ideas!