Fully Know | Kanakuk Kamps
Fully Know

There’s just something special about church at K-West. Open air benches overlooking the lake with a cool breeze sweeping through. Middle school voices filling the air with songs. A moment to slow down each week to sit and take in the Word of God. We really do love the K-West Church and what happens there.

Each term kampers have the opportunity to attend church twice. The theme this summer is Fully Charged, so each talk kampers get to hear ties to this theme. Derek Nassick gets the opportunity to share how we are able to “Fully Know” the Bible is true each term. Derek cites archaeological, medical and historical evidence as to how the Bible is supported by finds in these areas as he changes costumes to fit each profession. Many middle school kampers are questioning the validity of the Bible, therefore this talk has been a great conversation starter for our staff to get to continue with kampers throughout the rest of the term.

 After defending the authenticity of the Bible, Derek gives us a picture of how we as Christians should take in the Word. Imagine a gatorade cooler full of water represents the Word. We can either approach the Word daily, occasionally, or rarely. How we approach the Bible impacts how much of it we can take in at any one time.  

In order to “Fully Know” God, we must be able to “Fully Know” we can trust His word. Continue to ask your kampers what they were able to learn about the Bible’s authenticity while at kamp and encourage them to work through their devo books as they go on a journey through God’s Word.