See You at K-West Next Summer!! | Kanakuk Kamps
See You at K-West Next Summer!!

Summer 2014 has come and gone at K-West. The pool is empty, the k-domes are quiet, and the fields are still. Looking back, we are so thankful for what the Lord did here this summer. The Gospel was proclaimed, and people came to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior!! That makes for a really exciting summer. Let's look back at some of the other things that made K-West so great this year.

Camp Fire Night. Getting to eat dinner around a camp fire with your cabin is awesome! Great conversation is had and memories are made on this night. 

K-Life. Beef and Steve, the gummy bear, Barry and Jim, and the wheel of fun made K-Life the place to be at K-West!

Sundays. Who doesn't love a K-West Sunday??? Coffee cake, church, fried chicken, and a fun afternoon activity make Sundays at K-West special. 

Specialties-  Having the opportunity to have fun while improving in your sport of choice is a blast! The fun loving, dedicated coaches make sure that specialties are fun and challenging at the same time. 

Again, we are so thankful for everything that happened at K-West this summer! Thank you to each kamper, family, and staff member that made this summer awesome. Follow Kanakuk on Twitter (@Kanakuk) or on the blog ( to stay connected with Kanakuk throughout the year. See you next summer!