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Bible Study
Here at K-West, it is our mission to not only ensure that every kid who walks through our gates hears the gospel for themselves, but also to equip them to continue to study God’s word long after they have left Kamp behind. 2 Timothy 2: 15 states, “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.” What good is Kamp if it is the only place that you receive and handle the word of God accurately? That is no way to live and certainly is not the lifestyle we are called to as believers. 
To combat this, K-West has implemented Bible Study classes in its schedule that are made available to every single Kamper attending Kamp sometime this Summer. In these classes, Kampers are introduced to an inductive study of scripture that allows for an in-depth, accurate interpretation of God’s word. Instead of simply opening up to a specific book of the Bible and breezing through a chapter without paying much attention to detail, Kampers are taught how to approach each verse with a few key
questions in mind: 
1. Who is speaking and why?
2. Who are they speaking to and why?
3. What is the context? What was happening during this time in history?
4. How does this passage fit in with what comes before and after it?
After the context of the passage is solidified and understood, each Kamper is then taught to ask questions that actually pertain to the content of the passage itself:
1. What does the passage say? (Observation)
2. What does it mean? (Interpretation)
3. How does this principle apply to my life? (Application)
Only after the Kamper has worked through what the block of scripture is literally saying are they encouraged to apply that to their own lives. At K-West, we believe that this approach to God’s word allows for the most accurate handling of truth, resulting in a life that is worthy of and honoring to the Lord.