Closing Ceremonies! | Kanakuk Kamps
Closing Ceremonies!

Here is a glimpse into what closing ceremonies will look like tomorrow. Closing ceremonies are a wonderful opportunity for families to meet their child’s counselors, if they haven’t already. Additionally, it is a fun way to see where their kid’s memories have been made in the past two weeks! The gates open at 11AM on Friday morning and parents are welcomed with their kid’s smiling faces and a picnic. The kampers, their families, and the staff enjoy barbeque, strawberry salad, chips and Gucci Bars, a kamp classic, at the church and the basketball courts. As we share a meal together, memory after memory is told and retold to families by their kampers, their kamper’s friends, and the staff! 

Afterwards, cabins convene and the counselors present individual awards to their kampers. This is an opportunity for counselors to elevate the Christ-like character that they have seen in their kampers over the past two weeks. Each kamper stands before their friends, their families and their friend’s families to receive the words of encouragement from their counselors. Then, all of K-West comes together to receive kamp-wide awards. This includes awards such as the I’m Third award, which is given to kampers who have been recognized for putting God first, others second, and themselves third. Updates and announcements are also shared with families from our directors. Finally, families are sent off to enjoy a car ride home, which we are confident is filled with many more fun updates, memories, stories and laughter! Just because Term 2 is almost over doesn’t mean that the friendships, the memories and the fun is over. Families are also given the opportunity to re-enroll during closing ceremonies for next summer!

Lastly, we just want to thank you, parents, grandparents and families for entrusting your kids with us this term! We have had a blast making memories together as we elevate Jesus at K-West. We are grateful to God for all the ways he has revealed more of Himself to the kampers this term and we are excited to see the ways he will continue to do that this next year. More updates to come!