A Day in the Life of a K-West Kamper | Kanakuk Kamps
A Day in the Life of a K-West Kamper

Here at K-West we have regular scheduled days, which consist of the classes that the kampers chose before coming to kamp, and irregular scheduled days, which consist of days like opening/closing day, kamp Sundays, and other unique days. Although the irregular days are fun and bring variety, the majority of days are spent working through the schedules the kampers picked. This is what a typical day in the life of a K-West kamper might look like: Kampers wake up each morning to a song over the intercom in their cabins and, within a few minutes, girls are eating breakfast and guys are doing Best Bunkhouse. Best Bunkhouse is a time of competition for the cleanest cabin each day. (The cabin at the end of the term with the most points gets a pool party!) Afterwards, guys and girls have a time of teaching about the Verse of the Day by the guys and girl’s leadership staff teams, respectively. Finally, guys eat breakfast and girls go to their cabins for Best Bunkhouse. 

Then, the schedules begin! Kampers attend classes, such as tubing, blobbing, mountain biking, kayaking, Bible study, sand volleyball, etc. They also chose a sport specialty to attend twice a day, such as soccer, baseball, dance, etc. Before each class, we pray, review the verse of the day, and take role. Once a term, cabins also have the opportunity to go on the Ropes Course, the Challenge Course, free tubing, and the zipline. After a few morning class periods, we eat lunch and then we have rest time, which typically consists of lots of mail, games, and resting in the cabins. Afterwards, kampers head back outdoors for more of their class periods and Free Time, during which they can do whatever activity they want. 

In the evenings, we have dinner and some sort of night activity. A common evening activity is K-Life, which is a kamp-wide group session which consists of dancing, games, a skit, worship, and a short message by one of our directors. We have a wide variety of other evening activities as well, such as the parties and campfire night. After the evening activity, kampers head back to cabins to do counselor-lead devotions with their cabins.

All in all, days are packed with lots of excitement, fun, and spiritual growth. We are excited for how the Lord will continue to work in the lives of the kampers in the next weeks and terms to come. It is a blast to see how the Lord uses fun moments and activities during the day to teach us more and more about himself. The gospel can be pointed to and elevated in each activity that we engage in, and, therefore, the name of Jesus can be more known.