The K-West Dock | Kanakuk Kamps
The K-West Dock

If you want to have a good time at K-West, the options truly are endless: the pool, the mountain bike trails, the gyms, the fields… it seems like we have just about everything a kid could want if they are looking to have a little fun. But for those who are looking to have A LOT of fun, follow us down the beaten path, through the trees, to the K-West dock, and you won’t be disappointed by what you find.
At the lake, you can slice through the waves on your sail boat, race your best friends in your canoe, become king of the dock off shore, and dominate the tube as your cabin mates watch from the boat in awe. And you can do all of that in a single morning! What’s more, you can stretch out and soak up that Vitamin D during Dock Fun N’ Sun or perfect your balance on one of our coveted paddleboards during Water Sport Adventure. There truly is an activity that accommodates the specific wiring of each kid!
It is this versatility that attracts so many Kampers to the waterfront at K-West. They just know they are guaranteed a smile and a whole bunch of laughs if they have a class at the lake... and they aren’t wrong! We love the dock because it allows kids to have experiences they simply can’t have at home and often times is a vessel through which the joy and freedom of the gospel can be communicated to them organically. 
Check out to catch a glimpse of what both dock like and Kamp life look like at K-West!