Opening Day! | Kanakuk Kamps
Opening Day!

Opening day is such a fun day as it is the beginning of a new term with new kampers and new opportunity for growth. Kampers arrive via car, bus, or plane to K-West ready for the best summer ever! We open the gates around 2PM, allowing the flood of cars to come in. Parents drop off the luggage, then kids get checked in and head to the stage to get introduced by our Programs Team. With hoots, hollers, and fun introduction questions, kids are celebrated on the stage and their counselors greet them with big smiles! Right off of the stage, we have snow cones as well to welcome the kampers with a sweet, cold treat!

If the family came to drop of their kamper, then the family is welcome to meet their child’s counselor and head back to the cabin to help make the kamper’s bed and help them get situated. After that, the parents head off and the cabinmates begin to form lifelong friendships. Whether a kamper’s first summer at K-West or they are a longtime kamper, they are welcomed with open arms! We eagerly await all the Lord will do in each kamper’s life within the gates of K-West and that alone is cause for excitement. 


Next, the fun continues with cabin bonding and a picnic on the football fields. Finally, to close out the evening, we have our first K-Life. K-Life is a common night activity at kamp. It typically consists of a short dance party, games, a skit, worship, and some sort of message usually associated with the overarching Kanakuk Theme. Refer to the previous blog post to see what the summer 2019 theme is all about!

All in all, opening day is a day in which there is lots of excitement and lots of new friends. Kampers are typically tired from long days of travel, so when their heads hit their pillows that night, sleep is something that everyone is grateful for! Term 2’s opening day was a few days ago and it was a blast. We are excited and expectant of all of the fun for this term and all of the ways the Lord will work in the lives of the kampers! More updates to come soon!