“I’ve Never Been This High” | Kanakuk Kamps
“I’ve Never Been This High”

He knew he needed kamp but he didn’t want to go. Life at home was “freedom”: drugs, alcohol, porn, and girls – it was a way of life for him. He acts “free and happy” but inside he knew he needed help. For 9 days of kamp his counselors and cabin mates pushed him towards the cross.

Last night at cross talk he broke down and gave his life to Jesus! His cabin cheered as he shared how God had finally given him true freedom. He said to me this morning during weight training “I’ve never been this high in my life”.

Truth is, if all were known, his story was duplicated over and over again last night with various pathways to the cross. It was a most memorable evening for everyone.

Our Director, Shay Robbins did a splendid job presenting the crucifixion.

Today is beautiful, a bit breezy, and kamp is a happy place.