HalfTime | Kanakuk Kamps

For many of our kampers this is a sad day as it is for me. For many of our kampers it is halftime; a time to refocus, realign goals, build deeper relationships, solidify connections.

 Our 28 night kampers take a well supervised “24” on Saturday as staff and kids go to a waterpark, a movie (K-rated of course) and eat McDonalds food again!!!

 For our 14 night kampers “parting is such sweet sorrow.” I don’t know of very many kids who want to leave. We sure do hate to see them go. What a great goup of teenagers; really a splendid bunch! I can’t think of one problem we’ve had; it’s been great!

 I’ll get to see many of you tonight. Saturday, new kampers arrive. Every bunk is full with wait lists. (I’m glad I’m one of the fortunate to be here!)

 Joe White

 PS – I’m writing late Thursday night. We’ve just finished Cross Talk! In the distance I hear campers cheering as the bell is ringing!