Adventure Series

The Kanakuk Adventure Camps take summer camping to a whole new level. We’ve put together three amazing Kamps that are sure to satisfy the adventurer in you and guaranteed to teach you skills for life. Start with our Survival Camp and learn how to thrive in the outdoors using only your bare hands and the skills we’ll teach you. Move on to Scuba Camp and in two weeks you’ll become open water diver qualified and leave Kamp an accomplished advanced diver! Once you’ve mastered the land and sea, you’ll want to tackle the air! Kanakuk’s Aviation Camp will give you the opportunity to complete FAA ground school training for student pilots and log up to 12 hours of flight! Complete all three Adventure Camps and maybe you can join us on a future international excursion to test all the skills you’ve learned! Come join the adventure this year at Kanakuk’s Adventure Series Kamps!

Character-building adventure for a lifetime!


(For boys and girls, ages 15-18)

This two week training course matches the U.S. Army Special Forces "SERE School” survival, Kanakuk style! Build character and learn spiritual lessons through using only what God has provided in the woods. This camp will push campers to the limits of their physical and mental endurance. We will teach them to go into the woods with nothing and survive. In fact, for the final test, campers will be dropped off by themselves for a two day solo survival trip. FIND OUT MORE


(For boys and girls, ages 15-18)

Kanakuk's Scuba Camp is an adventure like none other. In two weeks, campers will learn scuba and become open water diver qualified--and that is only the beginning! Next, campers will learn advanced dive courses: spear fishing, night diving, and underwater photography. Campers will be taught stress rescue, underwater navigation, wreck diving, underwater photography, spear fishing and night diving. At the end of the camp, campers and their families are invited to take a scuba trip to the Caribbean!  FIND OUT MORE


(For boys and girls, ages 16-18)

In 2013, we added a "flight school" to the Adventure Series! How about learning to fly an airplane? In two weeks it's possible to complete the FAA ground school training for student pilots, depending on aptitude, and log 12 hours in the air depending on weather. Kampers with the skill and passion can solo on the final day of flying! Kanakuk's Aviation Camp will put you well on your way to becoming a pilot!  * Minimum age for Kampers in the Aviation program is 16. Program start dates subject to change.FIND OUT MORE