Summer Positions

When you get hired at Kanakuk Kamps you can fill one of 9 different positions. Each position comes with it's own unique set of challenges, but you can glorify God no matter which one you choose to do!


You will be a mom, dad, teacher, coach, mentor and friend. You will pour your life into teaching activities, coaching sports, building character, making memories, and creating moments of wonder. You will build lasting relationships and reflect Christ in all you do and say. You must be faithful, patient, selfless, energetic, compassionate, and willing to be stretched by the Lord.

Dining Hall Discipleship (Kitchikomo) 

Female Only

You are the "hands" of kamp as you help make our dining hall run smoothly and efficiently by serving our kampers three delicious meals a day. This position will allow you to be discipled, challenged, and encouraged as you serve behind the scenes and work alongside other girls in the kitchen. If you have a heart to glorify Christ through service and desire to grow in your personal walk with the Lord, then being a “kitchikomo” is a perfect fit for you. Dining Hall Discipleship (Cook)

You are the hero of kamp as you prepare and cook tasty meals that will put smiles on every kamper’s face. Lots of cooking experience is not required, but a teachable and willing heart is a must. This position will also allow you to be discipled, challenged, and encouraged as you serve behind the scenes in the kitchen.


Female Only

You’re the face of kamp and a liaison for parents, kampers, and staff. Being in the office requires team players who have great people, computer, and organizational skills. You must be creative, flexible, and able to muli-task. Most importantly, working the office requires someone who is positive, encouraging, and loves to serve kamp from the inside out.

K-Kauai Family Staff

If you have a heart for ministering to the whole family, then this job is for you! Flexibility, teamwork, maturity, and exceptional communications skills are must at this kamp. Though it is not a true sports kamp, K-Kauai is highly active and is looking for a variety of positions including boat drivers, lifeguards, worship leaders, ropes specialist, actors, nursery nannies, housekeepers, cooks, and a host of other fun and exciting summer positions. If you love to play and do a little bit of everything, then working at K-Kauai will be a dream come true.


Male Only

You’re the caretaker of our facilities. Every day, you will find yourself mowing, cleaning, setting-up, watering flowers, and doing many other things to keep our kamps running smoothly and looking beautiful. During your time at kamp, you will be challenged and encouraged in your walk with the Lord as you work and fellowship alongside other guys who are also committed to serving the Lord with their hands and feet. Must be 18 to apply.


You will capture the smiles, laughter, memories, and friendships that will last a lifetime. You will interact with all areas of kamp as you capture these unforgettable moments and post them to the web daily. You will need experience working with digital cameras, computer editing and an eye for capturing unforgettable moments.


You will capture, edit, and produce a highlight video of the kamp experience each term. If you like to see life behind the lenses, then this position is for you. You will run around kamp capturing all of the unforgettable memories so kids can remember them when they leave kamp. You must have experience in using digital video cameras, software video editing, and putting together a story through film.

Wilderness Trips

Male Only

These positions are very limited and available only to those who have extensive experience in camping, climbing, rappelling, caving, boat driving, backpacking, and cooking outdoors.

CIT/OSAGE (High School Graduate)

The next generation of Kanakuk staff. This “staff in training” program is for individuals who have finished their senior year of high school and will be starting their freshman year in college. You will be discipled, encouraged, and mentored as you begin to work with kids and serve kamp.