Summer 2021
K-Kauai Details

Healthy Family Check-In

To help ensure a safe and healthy experience for Kampers and staff, upon arrival your family will complete a health screening and temperature check. All families will need to bring a completed Health Screening Form for each member of their party to check-in at Kamp.

Download the Family Health Screening Form

Kanakuk COVID-19 Health & Safety Commitments

Whether this is your first or 15th summer with us, we’ve been hard at work preparing for the Best Summer Ever! Our Health Task Force has spent months updating our Kamp Health Safety Plan in cooperation with state and local health guidelines. This plan is built on six layers of safety-reinforcing measures such as Kamper health screening, limited use of facial coverings, thorough disinfecting and cleaning of cabins and facilities, along with strict staff testing protocols. We believe that through these simple steps and partnership with you, we can all have the Best Summer Ever.

Health & Safety Commitments

The health and safety of our Kampers is our #1 Priority! Find out more about the health and safety commitments we’re implementing for Summer 2021.

Health Screening Form

A simple Health Screening Form is required for check-in at Kamp. There is no pre-Kamp quarantine requirement, but we ask that you do your best to avoid large gatherings.

Healthy Environment

Prior to your arrival, our facility and cabanas are rigorously cleaned according to our disinfectant protocol. We intentionally train our staff on this process, and it is one we oversee with daily checklists and accountability. Additionally, each term change means we take the opportunity to perform a deep and intensive facility sanitizing protocol before each new term.

“Common Sense” Face Covering Use

We are updating our face-covering requirements for Summer 2021! First – we are asking all guests at K-Kauai to recognize that differing perspectives and health situations exist within each family. Please be courteous and considerate to the needs and concerns of others.


In limited situations, we will require the use of face coverings, but this is aimed primarily during times when our staff are interacting with your children. Additionally, our staff may be asked to wear masks as they operate in certain roles (such as nursery or food service) and at certain times during your term.


Our program – coupled with our resort-style Polynesian themed facilities – promote and encourage spreading out, exploring, and responsible distancing. We will social distance and enjoy outside activities as much as possible while enjoying the beautiful Ozarks weather.

Rapid Testing Capability

This year, the doctors and nurses in our Kamp Health Centers have access to rapid COVID-19 testing capability. Symptomatic individuals and their close contacts can be tested (a simple non-invasive swipe just inside the nostril) with results available in as little as 15 minutes. These tests are highly reliable, cause no discomfort, and will help keep our families from possibly being sidelined from all the fun of Kamp unnecessarily.

Modified Quarantine Protocol

Rapid COVID-19 testing in our Kamp health centers provides the opportunity for us to greatly minimize any impact on your experience, should you or any member of your family come in close contact with a COVID-19 positive individual. Our tiered system approach is focused on keeping our Kamps safe, while keeping families in the action as much as possible.

Staff Vaccinations

As we prepare for the Best Summer Ever, we encourage all full-time and summer staff at Kanakuk to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before arriving at Kanakuk. Summer staff who are not vaccinated will follow a rigorous, 2x per week, proactive testing protocol for the duration of their employment with us.