Kids Need Summer Camp!

Last updated: May 2022


Our Health Task Force has spent the last several months updating Kanakuk’s health safety plan based on current and projected COVID-19 data. We’re thankful that this plan allows us to assume ‘normal Kamp’ at this time. Throughout the summer, we will continue to monitor actual conditions in our Kamps along with external trends and make adjustments if necessary to support the health safety of our Kampers and staff. Please join me in praying that this summer is free from the impacts of COVID-19.

Here are a few things you can expect this summer at Kanakuk:


In-Kamp Closing Ceremonies*

We’re bringing back in-Kamp Closing Ceremonies this year! We can’t wait to host your family for the exciting conclusion of your child’s term. Our abbreviated Closing Ceremony schedule will allow you the opportunity to reunite with your Kamper, meet their counselors, and see the presentation of your child’s Character Qualities and cabin award!

Healthy Environment

We are committed to maintaining stringent sanitation protocols. We intentionally train our staff on this process, and it is one we oversee with daily checklists and accountability. Bathrooms and cabins are sanitized, floors are mopped, and surfaces are disinfected daily. Additionally, each term change means we take the opportunity to perform a deep and intensive cabin sanitizing before new Kampers arrive.

Face Coverings Optional*

We will not require Kampers and staff to use face coverings. However, you are free to send a mask with your child if you prefer. We want our Kampers to feel comfortable and safe.

‘Common Sense’ Cleanliness

Things like frequent handwashing and the use of hand sanitizer just make sense. All Kampers and staff will be encouraged to wash their hands frequently, especially at mealtimes. Additionally, hand sanitizer is available throughout our Kamps, and its use is highly encouraged.

*In the event that COVID-19 cases increase significantly at Kamp, we may adjust our health plan and additional mitigation measures including health screening for incoming Kampers, limited face-covering use in large group settings, or modifying Kamp operations and closing ceremonies.


Each of our overnight Kamps includes a 24/7 Health Center staffed by a Physician, Registered Nurses, and Health Center Helpers. This amazing team of health professionals is more than equipped to handle the occasional bumps and bruises but will also be monitoring our Kamps for any cases of COVID-19 should they appear. 
We believe that now – more than ever before – kids need summer camp! We can’t wait to welcome your child to all the over-the-top energy, excitement, adventure, and Christian athletics that a term at Kanakuk provides. Thank you again for your partnership andthank you for trusting Kanakuk to provide your child with their Best Summer Ever!