Last Updated: September 2021

Information about Summer 2022

Our Health Safety policies for Summer 2022 are currently being evaluated by our Health Task Force as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to change and evolve. Summer 2022 health safety information will be provided this Spring.

Kids Need Summer Camp!

At Kanakuk, we believe kids thrive when they step away from the daily pressure of an ‘always connected’ world and experience the joy of connecting with friends while sharing new and exciting adventures.  

Since 1926, Kanakuk has been the summertime home to generations of families, and we’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to build strong Christian character and confidence in kids. A term at Kanakuk is a mind-blowing adventure where kids get to be kids and do things they could never experience at home. We can’t wait to welcome your family to Kanakuk! 

COVID-19 is still an inherent risk in any summer camp environment like Kanakuk, but we’ve created a multi-point plan with goal of protecting the health of our Kampers, families, and staff. Our comprehensive Health and Safety Plan for Summer 2021 is based on months of development with our Health Task Force, in cooperation with State and Local health guidelines, and utilizing aggregate COVID-19 data from the states where the majority of our Kampers live. Our plan may change – and likely will – in response to updated guidelines or information from our Kamps.

Ultimately, the choice to send your child to a summer camp like Kanakuk is yours. We would like to share some of the measures we are taking this summer, but we encourage you to exercise care and judgement in evaluating risks specific to your family. Kampers returning home from Kanakuk should minimize their contact with others who may be at higher risk of contracting COVID-19 or having serious complications.  

Partnering With Parents

– Monitor For Symptoms –  
We know that you want the best for your child, and we want them to have the best experience possible at Kanakuk. Any parent whose child has had a fever or illness within 72 hours of arrival is asked to contact our  Health Services Director to evaluate the best options for everyone’s health and safety.

– Help From Home – 
All Kampers will receive a health screening form in the mail at least three weeks prior to their term at Kanakuk. We ask that you complete this screening form entirely by monitoring your child’s temperature for seven days prior to arrival and answering the questions listed. We also ask that Kampers avoid any large gatherings where social distancing isn’t possible. If you don’t receive this form or misplace it, you can download here

Kamp Facilities

– Let’s Keep It Clean –
Every cabin at Kanakuk is rigorously cleaned daily by Kampers and staff. Bathrooms are sanitized, floors are mopped, and surfaces disinfected. Additionally, each term change means we take the opportunity to perform a deep and intensive cabin sanitizing protocol.

– Front of Mind –
Signage and reminders are posted throughout our Kamps and facilities to ensure that Kampers, staff, and essential personnel are constantly reminded of our strict expectations.

– Air Quality Matters – 
All Kamper cabins feature NASA developed, medical-grade air filtration systems to provide multiple layers of active defense against airborne viruses and bacteria.

– Controlled Access to Kamps – 
All Kamps are monitored by a Kanakuk Security Team member at each main gate. Our security team is equipped to validate essential access, facilitate temperature checks, and distribute face masks when needed. 

Kamper Arrival

– Health Screening Form –
During check-in at Kamp, the airport shuttle, or the Kanakuk charter bus, our friendly, professional staff will collect and review your Kamper’s Health Screening Form to ensure it includes all required information. 

– Enhanced Travel Protocol –
We are using masks and sanitation during travel, as well as limiting public exposure during all travel. We are also using streamlined drop-off and pick-up procedures. 

– Let’s Check The Temp –
All Kampers will be scanned for fever at check-in. If a Kamper is found to have a temperature above 100.0, they are sensitively, and lovingly, guided to a Health Center for further evaluation away from other Kampers and staff.

– Do The 5 –
As part of Kamper orientation, we cover five simple changes Kampers can make, including proper handwashing and hygiene practices, to promote a healthy Kamp environment.

Kamp Operations

– Constant Hand Sanitization Program –
We provide high-percentage alcohol-based hand sanitizer in every Kamper cabin and throughout each of our Kamps. Additionally, our staff are trained to encourage Kampers to use hand sanitizer each time they enter and exit a building. 

– No Shared Items –
During mealtimes, our staff distribute all items so that Kampers are not handling each other’s plates, utensils, etc.

– Face Coverings –
In limited situations, Kanakuk will require the use of face coverings. Such situations include utilizing the Kanakuk Charter Bus or Kanakuk Airport Shuttle, or if a Kamper cabin must quarantine due to a close contact exposure. Typical Kamp programs and activities will occur without masks, but Kampers can choose to wear one if they prefer.

Safe Environment

– Limiting Exposure –
Non-program participants such as our families and vendors have limited access onto our properties to keep our environment as safe and secure as possible.

– Be Outside –
Fresh air, sunshine, humidity, and heat are all things that we have plenty of here in the Ozarks. We believe that kids in the outdoors can stay healthier and happier.

– Resting Well –
Rested Kampers are healthy Kampers, so our programs are revised for Summer 2021 to spread activities out and allow Kampers and staff to rest and recharge. 

Our Health Services Team

– Our Medical Staff Team –
Our 24/7 health care facilities  are plentifully staffed by some of the finest Physicians, Registered Nurses, and Health Center Helpers in the nation. These medical teams constantly monitor the health of our Kampers.

– Rapid Response –
In the event that an illness – including COVID-19 – presents at Kanakuk, our protocol is structured to Isolate, Test, Respond, and Remove the impacted Kamper. This summer, Kamp Health Centers have access to rapid COVID-19 testing capability. Symptomatic Kampers and their close contacts can be tested (a simple non-invasive swipe just inside the nostril) with reliable and accurate results in as little as 15 minutes. These tests cause no discomfort and keep Kampers from being sidelined from all the fun of Kamp unnecessarily. Of course, we will be communicating closely with Kamper’s families and handle any case with love and care.

– Prayer –

Finally, one of the most important things we do as an organization is spend countless hours praying in advance for every Kamper and staff who walks through our gates.