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It’s about Time for Some Green Time!

Lose the screens and get back to making memories with Kamp friends in the great outdoors!

Since 1926, we’ve welcomed more that 450,000 Kampers from all 50 states and 5 continents for an experience that allows them to disconnect from their devices and take a break from the pressures of our digital world, and we want to welcome your child to one of our five overnight Kamps in 2020!

From flying down the zip line to bouncing off the blob, every day at Kanakuk is action-packed and full of fun. Give your child a life-changing experience with friends, parties, and exciting adventures that will grow their confidence and character. Everything we do at Kanakuk points our Kampers to grow in their knowledge and faith in Jesus Christ, while establishing a worldview that is rooted in Biblical truth.


Green Time > Screen Time