2022 Family Kamp parties
will be announced soon!

Take a look back at our 2021 parties below!

It's Hero Time

This can mean only one thing; it’s time to spring into action because the island is in desperate need of heroes. Will your family be ready to answer the call? Faster than a speeding coconut, able to leap tall palm trees in a single bound, can we DEEPEND on you? From Superheroes, to made up heroes, to everyday heroes...we need all to answer the call. Jump in the phone booth and change into your capes, masks, badges and scrubs. Quick, to the Kukmobile & may the force be with you!


Whether the Olympics happen in Tokyo or not, we’re going to ensure they happen on the island as we bring the TokyOhana Summer Games to you. Ready, Set, GoooooOHANA!!! Come repping family team uniforms of any kind or go with the traditional red, white and blue. Just make sure you come ready to compete. Don’t worry, we’re doing this Olympics family style with events you’ve been training for all year long; the bedtime routine relay, potty training discus and so much more. It’s almost time to for the gold, silverware or Tupperware to be dished out at the TokyOhana 2021 Summer Games. See you at the starting line!

Palm Stock

Parents, this is your night for some peace, love & fellowship together. Meanwhile, kids will be rockin’ out at PALMstock 2021’s Festival of Fun. A night where music rules, new talents are discovered, memories are made & freedom forever reigns. Tye-dye from head to toe is the way to go (that way parents will never know how messy we actually got b/c it’ll blend in, right?) For us, “to live is Christ, to Tye-Dye is gain” Pretty good chance of ending up wet at this one so a swimsuit underneath is a solid plan, man.

All Day Holiday

As a K-Kauai family we think it’s important to be together for the holidays & since we miss being with you for so many throughout the year we thought, “why not celebrate as many holidays in a single day as we can this summer?” So, get ready to toss some tinsel, search for gold, hunt for eggs & ring in the New Year as we spread holiday cheer for all to hear. Santa, Elves, Reindeer, Cupid, Pilgrims, Lincoln & Leprechauns are all on the guest list so pick your holiday & get decked out as we deck the halls for this fun filled All Day Holiday