A Sleepaway Camp with a Rich Legacy

Your Child’s Safety and Growth are our Top Priorities at Kanakuk

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Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships are one important outcome of a summer camp experience. At Kanakuk, we teach Kampers the value of living an ‘I’m Third’ lifestyle. ‘I’m Third’ means putting God first, others second, and ourselves third. Our staff receive intentional training on how to foster healthy relationships which include regular evaluation of cabin dynamics and Kamper health.

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Green Time > Screen Time

When kids are able to unplug from technology and experience outdoor adventures, they are able to rediscover the magic of face-to-face friendships and become aware of God’s grand creation. One of the best gifts you can give your child is the opportunity to leave the day-to-day behind and focus on being present with those you are with.

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Safety is #1

At Kanakuk, child safety is central to all our efforts. Our dedicated team – which includes a year-round full-time Safety and Risk Management team – works tirelessly to provide a safe environment where kids can relax and have fun.

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Sleepaway Camp builds Character

Sleepaway camps like Kanakuk allows kids the opportunity to explore, try new adventures, and build new relationships in a safe and welcoming environment. Kanakuk has intentionally developed our program to foster character and confidence building adventures that point kids to genuine arelationship with God and with friends.

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Child Protection Plan

A top-to-bottom comprehensive plan to secure your child’s safety and security. Kanakuk understands that to have fun, kids need to feel safe.

Faith-Based Sleepaway Camp

Learning to live an I’m Third lifestyle that puts God first, Others second, and ourselves third is a core part of our Christian sleepaway camp experience.

Confidence-boosting Adventures

With over 70 activities, sports, and adventures, our program is intentionally designed to help kids of all ages gain increased confidence and character-building to last a lifetime.


  • I’ve always said, we’ll give up quite a bit of ‘necessities’ before we give up our child’s summers at Kanakuk. There is no way I could ever put a price on the benefit our children (and our family) have received from summers at Kamp. Keep up the great work!

    Matt • Parent

  • I would never have believed how much Kanakuk could impact my child. He’s grown up in a Christian home all his life, but I can honestly say that his summers at Kanakuk have taught him to “own” his faith. Kanakuk has definitely impacted my child for eternity.

    Kendra • Parent

  • Kanakuk gives my kids experiences they can’t get anywhere else. Even better, those experiences are intentionally crafted to help my son and daughter grow spiritually and in character. We love Kanakuk!

    Molly • Parent