Famous Kanakuk Charter Bus

Information about Summer 2021

In light of the changing COVID-19 landscape, we are evaluating and updating our COVID-19 Health and Safety plan and procedures for this summer. Information on this page will be updated for summer 2021 as it becomes available later this spring.

Updated Health Procedures for 2021

WELCOME to the famous Kanakuk Charter bus! Our one-way chaperoned chartered bus ride is the most fun and safest way to begin your Kanakuk experience. Upon enrollment in Kamp, select an available charter bus option near you and come ride with friends, other kids from your area, and Kampers from YOUR Kamp! Kanakuk, Joe White, and our incredible Director team can’t wait to welcome your child to Kamp!

In light of COVID-19, here are a few of the new health and safety procedures we are implementing for Charter bus travel this summer. As we continue to monitor COVID-19, we are implementing new procedures to ensure Kamper health and safety.

Wellness Check

Every Kamper will have their temperature taken before they’re checked-in. Kampers must have a temperature below 100.4 to proceed onto the bus.

Sanitization and Hygiene

We are committed to cleaning and sanitizing buses prior to loading any Kampers, as well as in transit. This includes hourly bathroom sanitization and hand sanitizer will be available for your Kamper(s) and will…


Please pack your Kamper’s lunch as we will not be making a lunch stop at any food establishment. Please send a bottle of water with your Kamper and only what you feel they will…

Charter Drop-Off

Get ready for the most efficient check-in process we’ve ever had for our charter service. We’re asking all individuals that aren’t spending the term at Kamp to remain in their vehicles throughout drop-off. When…


If your term date or desired city is not available, please log-in to your account on MYKANAKUK once you have enrolled to select or change your transportation option and enter a city and state under ‘’Propose a Transportation Pickup Location’’ as this is how we determine new dates and locations.