Flying to Kanakuk

Information about Summer 2021

In light of the changing COVID-19 landscape, we are evaluating and updating our COVID-19 Health and Safety plan and procedures for this summer. Information on this page will be updated for summer 2021 as it becomes available later this spring.

Airport Shuttle Service

For Kampers that fly commercially to Kanakuk, Kanakuk operated shuttle service is available to all our Kamps from local airports. Arrangements can be made during enrollment, in the Kanakuk app, or when you log into your My Kanakuk account. Please Note, all Kampers flying home must do so on Friday as Kanakuk can not accommodate any stay over through Saturday.


As part of our enhanced safety protocols for summer 2021, if a Kamper tests positive for COVID-19 at Kamp, they cannot be transported for a commercial flight and will need to be picked up in person.

Health Screening Form

A Completed and Signed Health Screening Form is Required

Covid-19 Safety Measures

This year, we are enhancing our already-strict health and safety guidelines for Kamp, and that includes all modes of transportation. When your Kamper is flying to Kanakuk, your mind can be at ease knowing…

Social Distancing

Let’s start smart! All Kampers must wear a disposable medical grade face mask when they enter the airport, while in flight, and while riding on our airport shuttle to Kamp. Please note, this does…

Wellness Check

Kampers flying to Kamp will have their temperature taken before they get on the shuttle to Kamp. If their temperature is above 100.0, we’ll contact you immediately and make arrangements for their safe trip…


Kamper health and safety is our Number 1 priority at Kamp. Kanakuk is committed to cleaning and sanitizing our shuttles prior to every trip to pick up Kampers at the airport. Medical grade disposable…

Notes on Departures

Please be aware that all departing flights must be on the closing Friday of your child’s term. We’re not allowing Kampers to stay over into Saturday. This is necessary so that our teams can…

Airport Navigation

The Springfield/Branson Airport (SGF) in Springfield and the Branson Airport (BKG) in Branson, MO are both very small airports with only one security checkpoint. Our staff will meet your Kamper at the Security Gate and will be wearing Kanakuk Transportation Staff apparel.


If your Kamper needs extra cash for unexpected luggage fees, Kanakuk will initially pay for your Kamper and the charges will be added to your Kamper’s account. If you’d rather ship your Kamper’s luggage, you…