Flying to Kanakuk

Airport Shuttle Service

For Kampers that fly commercially to Kanakuk, Kanakuk operated shuttle service is available to all our Kamps from local airports. Arrangements can be made during enrollment, in the Kanakuk app, or when you log into your My Kanakuk account. Please Note, all Kampers flying home must do so on Friday as Kanakuk can not accommodate any stay over through Saturday.


Kamper health and safety is our Number 1 priority at Kamp. Kanakuk is committed to cleaning and sanitizing our shuttles prior to every trip to pick up Kampers at the airport.

Notes on Departures

Please note that if your child is dismissed from Kamp after testing positive for Covid-19, we will not place them on a departing flight. Parents/guardians will be responsible to arrange pick-up of their Kamper.

Airport Navigation

The Springfield/Branson Airport (SGF) in Springfield and the Branson Airport (BKG) in Branson, MO are both very small airports with only one security checkpoint. Our staff will meet your Kamper at the Security Gate and will be wearing Kanakuk Transportation Staff apparel.


If your Kamper needs extra cash for unexpected luggage fees, Kanakuk will initially pay for your Kamper and the charges will be added to your Kamper’s account. If you’d rather ship your Kamper’s luggage, you…