What to Bring

Daily Packing List


Swimsuit (Modest one-piece for girls)




Bible and Pen

Water Shoes

Tennis Shoes & Socks

Water Bottle

Please clearly label everything!

What NOT to Bring

Cell Phones


Water Guns

Clothing that promotes alcohol, tobacco, etc.

What to Wear

We recommend that you send your child to KampOut! in clothes that can get dirty. Remember this is a summer camp environment and we have activities that may cause your child to get wet. Your child should be in summer attire, but we don’t recommend flip flops. 

Pack a Safe Lunch

Lunches will be kept inside, but will not be in refrigerators

Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold using thermal jars & cold packs.

Pack less perishable foods due to the summer heat

Please label the outside of the bag

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