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Mi:7 Program


Mi-7 is dynamic faith-training that emphasizes servant-leadership and Christian worldview training, to prepare today’s Kampers to be tomorrow’s leaders. Located at Kanakuk Kamps, K-Seven, Mi-7 focuses on preparing high school aged Kampers (ages 16-18) to be servant leaders in their high school and in the college they may attend in the future.

The purpose of Mi-7 is three-fold:

  1. Serve - Mi-7 participants will learn what it means to truly minister to others through service. Kampers will serve in several different roles: shadowing a counselor, maintenance (boys), and kitchies (girls- kitchen staff). Our hope is that they walk away from the program knowing what it means to truly serve others with the attitude and love that Christ had.
  2. Equip - During Mi-7, Kampers will be discipled in the Word of God, encouraged to grow and dig deeper in his or her faith. Kampers will be equipped with lessons taught by the directors and leadership team on what it means to stand for their faith, seeking to help them face challenges in their schools and future life with confidence in their faith and in Christ. They will also get the opportunity to pass on what they are learning through the shadowing of a Junior Kamp teepee.
  3. Live - The Barna Group completed a study on the spiritual activity of “young twenty-somethings”. Their findings are that, “61% of today’s young adults - had been churched at one point during their teen years but they are now spiritually disengaged (i.e., not actively attending church, reading the Bible, or praying). (www.barna.org)” Our desire is that, one heart at a time, we can start to change this statistic by preparing our Mi-7 participants to be grounded in the Word and in their faith, continuing to be faithful Christ-like servant leaders that impact those around them for the glory of God throughout their lives.

In order to participate in Mi-7, you must be enrolled as a Kamper at K-Seven and participate in that Kamper term. We also require Mi-7 participants to serve during the term after their Kamper term.

If you want to sign up for Mi-7, here is the process:

  1. Sign up for your Kamper term!
  2. You must be enrolled as a Kamper at K-Seven in order to participate in Mi-7.
  3. Contact Elizabeth Miranda via email or phone to request an application packet: 
  4. Email: elizabeth@kanakuk.com
  5. Phone (417)-266-3217
  6. Once you receive the packet via mail, please fill out the application, health form, and references and mail back to Elizabeth at: 1353 Lakeshore Drive, Branson, MO 65616