Kamps – K-Kountry

Welcome to K-Kountry!

Kampers shout the word “Awesome” when they sing the praises of this Kamp on the “Kountry-side.”


It’s a kids-only zone and a sports PARADISE here at K-Kountry.. and we’re fixin’ to have a good time. Spend some time on the ‘Kountry Side.’


  • K-Kountry is where my faith has grown the most. Everything we do is centered on Jesus and learning to live your life for Him. They teach the I AM THIRD life. God is first, others are second, and I AM THIRD.

    — Joe � Kamper

  • K-Kountry is incredible because I can be myself and be with God in His creation! Everything we do is fun and uplifting!

    — Mary � Kamper

  • Though our daughter was a first time Kamper, we saw the fruit produced by K-Kountry all around us. We felt it in the heartfelt conversation with our daughter’s counselor, we felt it in the candid conversations with the counselors seated near us during closing ceremonies. We felt it in the eyes and gushing stories from our daughter.

    — Marci � Parent