Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Kamper Drop-Off

Opening Day

Get ready for a streamlined Opening Day experience! Sit back, relax, and join in the fun while our friendly, professional staff takes care of all the hard work for you!

What to Expect

Our friendly and professional staff will welcome you and be ready to answer any questions you have when you arrive.

Cheers and Smiles!

Sit back and relax as our staff take care of unloading and labeling your Kamper's luggage to ensure it arrives safely at their cabin.

Luggage Drop-Off

This Summer, you can choose to take pictures and say goodbye right from your car or park and head into Kamp with your Kamper for all the fun of Opening Day.

Choose Your Experience

Your Kamper's summer adventure begins as they're introduced to their cabin! Click the link below to browse our Knowledge Base and ensure you’re ready to view photos and send one-way Bunk Notes.

The Summer Begins!

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Summer 2024 Opening Day Drop-Off Schedule

Families have two-options for Kamper Drop-Off this year! Kampers may be dropped off on Opening Day anytime between:


2pm – 4PM


In-Kamp Drop-Off:

Park and enter Kamp with your Kamper as they meet their counselors and get ready for all the fun of their term.  While with us, you’ll see their cabin, meet our staff, and participate in the excitement of opening day activities at Kanakuk.


Express Kamper Drop-Off:

Enjoy the efficiency of our express drop-off option by unloading your luggage and Kamper right at the car.  After a quick hug and goodbye, we will help your Kamper get settled into their cabin and introduced to their counselors as they begin their Best. Summer. Ever!   You will be in and out in no time.


Tips for a Smoother Opening Day Experience

For the most efficient drop-off experience, complete your medical forms and all other registration steps in The Kanakuk App or online at kanakuk.com before arrival. For a more detailed look at Opening Day Kamper Drop-off, download The Kanakuk App!

We are excited to welcome your family and are prepping for your Kamper's arrival, however, to ensure the best drop-off experience for all of our families we ask that you do not arrive prior to the 2pm-4pm window.

Have multiple Kampers at multiple Kamps? Not a problem! Our Drop-Off times are intentionally long enough to accommodate enough time to move between Kamps.

Kamper Pick-Up

Closing Day

Reunite with your Kamper, hear all about their term, meet their counselors and Kamp Directors, and celebrate with Cabin Awards during this exciting conclusion to their term!

What to Expect

As you arrive, our friendly staff will be available to answer any questions and direct you to exactly the right place.


Sit back and relax while we load all your Kamper's luggage into your vehicle for the drive home.

Luggage Pick-Up

Closing Ceremonies are an exciting time at Kanakuk! Reunite with your Kamper, celebrate them during Cabin Awards, and visit the Kanakuk Store for those last-minute take-home souvenirs.


Grab your Kamp friends and secure your spots for 2025 — our 100th Summer — so you can reunite again next year and be a part of an epic celebration! Waitlists form fast, so starting June 1st, you can even Re-Enroll for Summer 2025 right in The Kanakuk App prior to Kamper Pick-Up.


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Closing Day Schedules

We’re excited to welcome you to the exciting conclusion to your Kamper's term! Look below for each Kamp's closing day schedule.

8:30am - Luggage Pick-up Opens
9:15am - Gates Open
9:30am - All Kamp Closing
10:15am - Cabin Awards
11:00am - See You Next Summer!

Please note: For Kampers who use our Airport Shuttle service, all flights must depart on Friday. Any flight departing at 9am or after is acceptable.

Tips for a Smoother Closing Day Experience

Starting June 1st, you can Re-Enroll prior to arriving at Closing Ceremonies right in The Kanakuk App or online at kanakuk2025.com. On Closing Day, your app should show a confirmation for your Kamper's 2025 Enrollment on the app homepage. Skip the line and show this (or a confirmation email) at a Re-Enroll booth for your exclusive Kanakuk 100 Re-Enroll gift!

If you have Kampers at both Branson and Lampe Kamps, we ask that you start with the earlier pick-up time first. We’ll make sure your Kamper is ready for you upon your arrival.

For an even more detailed look at Closing Day Kamper Pick-Up, download The Kanakuk App!