Information about Summer 2021

In light of the changing COVID-19 landscape, we are evaluating and updating our COVID-19 Health and Safety plan and procedures for this summer. Information on this page will be updated for summer 2021 as it becomes available later this spring.

Opening Day

Whether by car, plane, or shuttle, we greet you as family!

What to expect

Our professional staff will be ready to welcome you as you arrive with your family. We ask that families remain in their car as they are checked in.

Cheers and Smiles!

We have strengthened our standard cleaning procedures for this summer, including frequent sanitization of high touch point areas. Additionally, all Kampers will have their temperature taken before being allowed to enter Kamp for the summer.

Healthy Environment

Sit back and enjoy the climate-control of your vehicle while our staff take care of unloading your Kamper's luggage and label it to ensure it arrives at their cabin.

Luggage Drop-Off

Lastly, you will have the chance to meet a counselor as you say goodbye to your Kamper and their summer adventure begins with them being introduced to their cabin.

The Summer Begins!

Kamper Drop-Off Schedule

Staggered Opening Day Drop-Off Times for Summer 2021
2pm-3pm: Last Name A-M
3pm-4pm: Last Name N-Z


In order to help us provide the best opening day drop-off experience possible, please arrive to drop off your Kamper during the appropriate time frame above – based on the first letter of your last name. We understand that families with Kampers at different Kamps may not be able to arrive during the scheduled times. Be assured that we will accommodate late arrivals from all families when necessary.

Kamper Pick-Up

Partnering with Families

For end-of-term Kamper pick-up we have also implemented intentional safety measures and will not be allowing families to enter Kamp facilities in order to help manage the health and safety of our Kampers. We…

Closing Ceremonies

We'll have an exciting time of reuniting and fellowship, and your Kamper will be ready to return home encouraged in their faith, and strengthened in their confidence!

Streamlined Closing Day Process

As you arrive, our friendly staff will be available to answer any questions and direct you to exactly the right place.


You've been traveling all day, so sit back and relax while we load all your Kamper's luggage into your vehicle for the drive home.

Luggage Pick-Up

The most anticipated moment is no less sweet in 2021. Be prepared to be reunited with your Kampers as we bring them right to you at your vehicle.


Now you head home as you hear about your child's life-changing adventures, and new friendships. Thank you for entrusting Kanakuk with your child this summer!

Head Home

Kamper Pick-Up Schedules

Staggered Closing Day Pick-Up Times For Each Kamp
K-Seven: 8:00am-9:00am
K-2: 9:30am-10:30am
K-West: 11:00am-12:00pm
K-1: 9:00am-10:00am
K-Kountry: 10:00am-11:00am


Please note: All Kampers must fly home on Friday. Any flight departing at 9AM or after is acceptable.

If you have Kampers at both Branson and Lampe Kamps, we ask that you start with the earlier pick-up time first. We’ll make sure your Kamper is ready for you upon your arrival.