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Kanakuk is a multi-faceted ministry that offers more than just a great summer experience. We provide educational, missional, and communal experiences for people of all ages and walks of life. 

Who We Are

Kanakuk began with a group of Texas boys trekking to the Ozarks for eight weeks of character and confidence building alongside great Christian role models. After nearly a century, Kanakuk has grown to be one of the nation’s largest Christian, athletic summer camps!

Our Mission

The mission of Kanakuk Ministries is to equip next generation leaders. We accomplish this through life-changing experiences, Godly relationships and spiritual training. Kanakuk provides Kampers the opportunity to play, laugh and learn in a safe and spiritually encouraging environment.

Our History

Since 1926, Kanakuk has welcomed over 450,000 Kampers from across the country. We provide them the opportunity to grow in their faith, confidence, and Christian character. Over the decades, we’ve seen God transform the lives of entire families.

Our Leadership

One of the surprising things about Kanakuk is the large number of full-time staff and the more than 1800 incredible summer staff! You can get to know our President, Joe White, and our Vice President, Debbie Jo White

Our Kamps

Now more than ever, kids need summer camp! We have Kamps for a wide range of ages, with a wide range of activities, for different ranges of time. You’ll be sure to find a Kamp that is a perfect fit for YOU!

Kamp in the News!

Kanakuk is a trusted, safe, and FUN environment for your child. Media sources such as KC Parent Magazine, Little Rock Family Magazine, and Tulsa Beacon have a lot to say about our Kamps!

Our Expertise

Kamp is not just a fun experience, it is a growing experience, and there are many topics and practices that we’ve studied to help kids and families grow personally, in their relationships with one another, and spiritually. 

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