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Kanakuk's Leadership Team serves alongside each other to carry out our mission of “Equipping Next Generation Leaders” through our seven summer camp experiences, local outreach ministries, and international relief ministries.


Our Kamp leadership teams are responsible for the 26,000+ Kampers we welcome to our Kamps each summer and the daily management of over 2,000 collegiate staff members who carry out daily operations at our Kamps.

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  • Day Kamp

      KampOut! Day Kamp

  • Family Kamp


  • Specialty Kamp

      Worldview Kamp

      Father Son Kamp

Summer Staff

Kanakuk summer staff are trained and equipped in five key areas: Readiness to serve in a Christ-like manner, Activity + Kamper safety procedures, Core Kanakuk philosophies, Application of Biblical principles through, Kamp activities, Creating an environment of uplifting fun and encouragement.

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Hiring Process

We start with over 3,000 applicants and select 2,000 Kanakuk staffers to serve your Kampers.

Personal Interviews

100 Percent background checks - Your child’s safety begins with each potential staff member being processed through multiple official background checks. We hire students from 283 Colleges + Universities.

References Reviewed

Once interviews are complete and a minimum of 2 references reviewed applicants will receive an employment offer or no-hire notification letter by March 1st.